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    Eileen Hull’s Comfort & Joy On-Line Event ~ Day 6

    Join us for a wonderful on-line event called Comfort and Joy. This on-line art journaling event is sure to refresh and warm the heart during this holiday season.

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    Dreams Handmade Journal

    Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” The above is so true. It’s important to hold our dreams and goals close to our hearts. It’s also important to put them in writing. I haven’t filled this little journal as of yet but see the cover I created. I plan on filling it with little reminders of ways I want to bring others a message of hope and love as well as things I hope to accomplish. I think it will take a while for me to fill this. I created it from cardboard and the Eileen Hull wrapped journal. I used…

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    The Strength in Scars

    Scars . . . we all have them.  Some are visible, some not.  Some are emotional, burned onto our soul while others are there for the world to see.  Some are scars we just see.  Some we hide, some we can’t.  No matter, scars are reminders of where we have been, what we’ve endured and how we’ve made it out with the choice to tell our story. It’s been not quite 3 1/2 years since I had a double mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis.  About a year after this major surgery and several surgeries after that, I endured some very deep emotional scars due to a tragedy that took place in our…

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    The Love of Wonder

    Oh how I love my journals.  They are my friends.  When I’m feeling down or happy, I love to create in them and often what is inside pours out onto the pages of my journals.  It was no different with this page I titled ‘Wonder’.  I thought I’d share and would encourage you to think about the following . . . What is wonder? 1 wonder play noun won·der \ˈwən-dər\ : something or someone that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc. : a feeling caused by seeing something that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc. : something that is surprising or hard to believe We can live busy lives and…

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    Right Now Mondays – Do not Doubt

    Greetings, It’s another ‘Right Now Monday‘ and are you ready to share?  Ready to art journal? If you missed the last ‘Right Now Monday‘ post , or wondering what Right Now Monday is about . . . . here it is . . . Right Now Monday Initial Post. Right Now I want . . . This could be something you desire to have (maybe not a need but a want – a house, a new job) or maybe this is a goal? For me . . . Right Now and Today I want and desire for  . . . my daughter, my husband, my mother, my friends, my family,…

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    Right Now Monday, Love Will (The Power of Love)

    Right Now, this Monday . . . I feel the Power of Love. The Power of Love is an incredible thing.  I recently was thinking about all the ways people have loved us through our challenges the last couple years.  I was pondering and asking how I’ve loved others.  Then I began to think about the ‘Power of Love‘.  Yes, those of you in my generation probably hear Huey Lewis singing the words . . . the Power of Love.  As seen on YouTube here. But seriously, I was thinking about how someone knowing they are truly loved, it can change a life.  An action, (not just words), can move someone…

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    Right Now Monday – Be True to You

    Right Now, Today, This Monday . . . Right Now . . .  today, I am focusing on the importance of caring for myself and being true to me.  So often, we think that caring for ourselves is selfish.  Well, it’s not.  We need to care for ourselves so that we in turn can be better friends, parents, employees, spouses . . . whatever role we fill.  We aren’t of any help to others around us if we aren’t healthy. I’m speaking to myself here but possibly it will be something that speaks to your heart.  Right Now, taking care of and being true to myself involves; Set safe and healthy boundaries.…

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    Throwback Thursday – Grow Journal Tour

    This is a video ‘Art Journal Tour’ from a couple years ago. It was an art journal (still in progress) that expressed ways I need to or have grown in. We are always growing aren’t we whether we like it or not. Life is a journey full of ups and downs, providing us with lots if opportunities to grow. Our choice, to choose a path of positive growth or otherwise. A Little Art Journal Tour.  This is an art journal in progress in the ways that I’ve grown or need to grow . . . [kad_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTg4MKyXfD4″ ]   Warmest Creative Wishes,  

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    Right Now Mondays

    Hello all, I hope this Monday finds you well.  Monday . . . a fresh start, an opportunity to be an epic week, and so much more. I wanted to share something fun with you and it’s a slight read. I was thinking the other day when I was art journaling about the phrase ‘Right Now‘.  Then I was thinking about you. So I’d love to make Mondays . . . ‘Right Now Mondays‘. I’ve been doing a lot of journaling recently . . . some just putting down the written word and other times art journaling.  It’s been a good practice for healing and recording life moments for the…