My Breast Cancer Journey

Diagnosed November 2, 2012 with invasive ductal carcinoma, I journeyed through surgery and treatment. While not a cake walk, this journey has just brought more gratitude and appreciation for life and I've been able to help many others. This is about that journey.

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    Using your Gel Prints in Projects

    During this month of October, Gel Press is doing a fantastic print-a-long. Check out all the fun HERE. Different mediums, techniques, and substrates, this fun Print-a-long, is sure to inspire you. Gel Press shared a video today that I creaded using fabric as texture. What do you do with the prints? For me, all kinds of things, but in this case, I created a jewelry bezel with the print. The print adorns the inside of the resin bezel seen below. Of course I had to use some pink, as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Additionally, I’ll be sharing some projects for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Gel Press ribbon…

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    Pink Ribbon Pumpkins & Breast Cancer Awareness

    Each day is a gift! It has been nine years next month that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I’m so thankful that I am here today. HERE is the original post and initial thoughts when I was diagnosed. Possibly it could encourage another. I’m forever grateful for the love and support of of family, friends, co-workers, the artist community, and more. So humbled and so grateful. Dear ones, can I please encourage you to make sure if it is time to get your annual check, you make that appointment or you do a self check. Men, encourage those ladies in your life, to get those checks. Some of you…

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    Breast Cancer Awareness

    As a survivor of Breast Cancer, I want to thank you each for the role you’ve played in my life. Thank you for the way you supported me when I was in the thick of fighting. Thank you for the love and support you’ve shown me. I always hold you close to my heart, and as I think back at all the ways then and now that you’ve touched my life, my heart explodes with gratitude. Because I care, I want to encourage you to please take steps to detecting cancer early. Do those self-exams and make those mammogram appointments. Don’t delay. Do it for those that love you, and…

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    The Strength in Scars

    Scars . . . we all have them.  Some are visible, some not.  Some are emotional, burned onto our soul while others are there for the world to see.  Some are scars we just see.  Some we hide, some we can’t.  No matter, scars are reminders of where we have been, what we’ve endured and how we’ve made it out with the choice to tell our story. It’s been not quite 3 1/2 years since I had a double mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis.  About a year after this major surgery and several surgeries after that, I endured some very deep emotional scars due to a tragedy that took place in our…

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    Day One – Three Years Ago

    Hello all . . . today marks three years since my diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma, breast cancer and I’m a little more than 1/2 way to be considered ‘cancer free’ (five years).  While we have just finished up with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s not too late to get your mammogram, do a self-check or remind the woman or man you love in your life to do the same. I wanted to share with you what I wrote exactly three years ago on my diagnosis date.  It still applies and I want to live it no matter what life brings my way.  My heart, still to this day overflows…

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    Boutique for a Cause

    tis’ the season.  I hope all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I did although I have been struggling with a bug.  But I’ve been trying to push through it and I’m gearing up for a boutique that will be held at Voyager’s Church in Irvine on Saturday the 6th.  It will be a wonderful day of inspiration both while singing some carols and listening to a funny, lighthearted speaker.  I’m hoping I may be able to raise some funds so that our sweet girl can participate in a trip to Washington D.C., where her chorale group will compete as well as a trip to Costa Rica ~ she was chosen by…