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Right Now Monday, Love Will (The Power of Love)

Right Now, this Monday . . . I feel the Power of Love.

The Power of Love is an incredible thing.  I recently was thinking about all the ways people have loved us through our challenges the last couple years.  I was pondering and asking how I’ve loved others.  Then I began to think about the ‘Power of Love‘.  Yes, those of you in my generation probably hear Huey Lewis singing the words . . . the Power of Love.  As seen on YouTube here.

But seriously, I was thinking about how someone knowing they are truly loved, it can change a life.  An action, (not just words), can move someone from dark to light or spur on action to pass that that love on.

In life, some of us have known love, maybe we have been disappointed by someone we thought should have loved us, been betrayed, or maybe you’ve landed at a place you thought you’ve never been.  Nonetheless . . . The Power of Love can and will . . .

  • Love will show up.
  • Love will simply sit beside you, saying nothing, just letting another know you’re there and not alone.
  • Love will act.  We live in a busy world but love will stop in it’s tracks and take action.
  • Love will sacrifice with a willing and giving heart whether it be time, money, talent, presence . . . whatever is needed.
  • Love will surprise, but love will also be predictable.
  • Love will hold up your hands and help you cross that finish line when you’re not able to do it alone.
  • Love points to the horizon and reminds you there is hope (even when you may not see it). Has faith for you.
  • Love offers humor at the right time.
  • Love pays attention.
  • Love will point you from darkness to light.

The ultimate love will . . .

  • take the place of the one who is guilty.
  • give a voice to those who have no voice.
  • Love will take a fall when not deserved.
  • breathe life into a heart that is shattered and broken.
  • take our place.
  • Is like a rushing river that never stops.
  • cause unbelievable change.
  • move a heart to do amazing things.
  • turn ashes and rubble into something beautiful.

How have you experienced love?  Love is an amazing thing and when we know we are loved, it can make all the world of a difference. The Power of Love is an amazing force!

I’ve created an art journaling page . . . simple . . . just a background, a painted heart and some drawn on and colored wings.  I’ll fill the adjacent page up with some thoughts on the above.

Have you heard Danny Gokey’s – Love Will?  You can see it here.

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