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    When the Time Comes

    Wow how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I held our newborn baby in my arms. She’s now living in Iowa and setting down some roots there. It’s amazing. Or it seems like just yesterday I was a young person who was skiing, sailing, and taking every opportunity to get as much activity into a day. Today, I’m tired, I’m happy and grateful, but I’m tired. I’ve been through breast cancer, some deep emotional valleys due to circumstances out of my control, and have pushed through some definite challenges. However, the time comes so quickly when you face the process of aging and life. But as my mom always…

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    Pink – A Month of Awareness and also Celebration

    As most know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was diagnosed ten years ago this coming November 3. Whether you’re a woman or a man, it’s important to be diligent in self-checks or diagnostic screening as necessary. Please know that you are precious. Take care of you! I thought I’d share with you a post I shared on the day I was diagnosed. Sometimes you have to dig deep in life’s challenges, pull up those boot straps and go to it. I hope this is an encouragement to you, or to another that might be battling that you w ant to share with. You can find it HERE. I…

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    October, Pink and Leather Feathers

    Can you believe we are in October? It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time, preparing for the holidays, enjoying Fall traditions, gathering with family and friends, and more. Recently, I created the below feathers in my favorite color combo. Pink is such a significant color for so many, including myself. as a Breast Cancer survivor. I’m grateful to be able to stick another feather in my hat, significant of another year blessed to be here on Earth. I qualified for, and went in this last week for a trial study. This is the second study to help early detection for cancers like pancreatic and ovarian . These types of cancers usually aren’t…

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    Putting Yourself Out There

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how brave it is when we ‘put ourself out there.’ Maybe it’s sharing your art on social media, going for a job interview you didn’t get, facing a fear, or learning something new. No matter what it looks like . . . it’s brave, healthy, and promotes amazing growth. Sometimes things may not go as we planned when we allow ourselves to be vunerable, but other times, we grow, connect, and advance. Just know that no matter what, there is value in the journey, even if it didn’t turn out the way you expected. There is no one stopping you from putting yourself out…

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    Navigating through Troubled Waters

    Oh how life can throw you some curve balls. Tough and hard stuff that is difficult to navigate through. Unfamiliar valleys so deep that you feel blind and have to find your way through them. I’ve had my share. Whether a physical or emotional challenge; a loss of loved one, facing a serious illness, unthinkable surprises that hit you out of the blue, dreams that are thwarted, or whatever it might be, you need tools to help you navigate through those troubled waters. Here are some things I’ve found that have helped me during these deep and difficult times. These are just a few tools that have helped me when…

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    2022 Logan’s Candy Cane Tour Interest

    Hello friends, I hope this finds you well. Many of you know that for years, we’ve made it a tradition to enjoy Logan’s Candy Cane private tour. You can see more HERE and photos below. At this amazing place, you are able to watch and sample amazing fresh candy canes made, and experience this tummy tingling tradition. Not sure you’ve ever tasted such an amazing candy cane inyour life. They are such a wonderful family at Logans and they have become dear friends to us. They welcome us with open arms each and every year. I spoke with Jerry (‘the Candy Man’) and we are expecting another wonderful year. This…

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    Uncertainty – A Parallel in Art & Life

    I’m not sure about you but these days I’m feeling more uncertain about some things than I ever have. Rising prices, friends and co-workers who have had sudden illnesses, grocery shortages, and more. Having gone through a serious illness before, things can change quickly from one day to the next. Things can be uncertain. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite thoughts and helpful hints when uncertainty might come your way. They help me. Stand on your faith. Read a devotional book or an encouraging story. Take a break from the news Go outside and take a walk in nature Create art Share a cup of coffee with…

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    Enjoy the Beauty Close to Home

    Recently, my hubby and I headed to the beach early one Saturday morning. Of course we love the beach. I grew up in Sunny Southern California and remember my first Boogie board, meeting friends at the beach, family dinners at the Spaghetti Factory in Newport, the Fun Zone at Balboa, Balboa bars, skating, flying a kite, sailing at least 2-3x a week during high school, and more. My husband has lived in California now for several years and enjoys the beach as well. He enjoys walking the shores, early morning quiet, fishing, and more. With that being said, we headed down to Newport. If you’ve never been to Dory’s Landing,…