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    The New Year, A New Beginning

    With the New Year, comes new beginnings, and a fresh canvas. A few things on my radar as I ring in the New Year includes; continued weight loss and healthier choices, making time for more creativity, supporting loved ones for better health, making special memories with friends, visiting some favorite places, attending loved events, grow in my faith, do some decluttering, and more. I think it’s important to go into a New Year with goals in mind both personally and professionally. Here are a few ideas to consider that might spark some inspiration. What about you? Do you have some accomplishments in mind you want to see come to fruition…

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    When the Time Comes

    Wow how time flies. It seems like just yesterday I held our newborn baby in my arms. She’s now living in Iowa and setting down some roots there. It’s amazing. Or it seems like just yesterday I was a young person who was skiing, sailing, and taking every opportunity to get as much activity into a day. Today, I’m tired, I’m happy and grateful, but I’m tired. I’ve been through breast cancer, some deep emotional valleys due to circumstances out of my control, and have pushed through some definite challenges. However, the time comes so quickly when you face the process of aging and life. But as my mom always…

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    October, Pink and Leather Feathers

    Can you believe we are in October? It’s Pumpkin Spice Latte time, preparing for the holidays, enjoying Fall traditions, gathering with family and friends, and more. Recently, I created the below feathers in my favorite color combo. Pink is such a significant color for so many, including myself. as a Breast Cancer survivor. I’m grateful to be able to stick another feather in my hat, significant of another year blessed to be here on Earth. I qualified for, and went in this last week for a trial study. This is the second study to help early detection for cancers like pancreatic and ovarian . These types of cancers usually aren’t…

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    Putting Yourself Out There

    I’ve been thinking a lot about how brave it is when we ‘put ourself out there.’ Maybe it’s sharing your art on social media, going for a job interview you didn’t get, facing a fear, or learning something new. No matter what it looks like . . . it’s brave, healthy, and promotes amazing growth. Sometimes things may not go as we planned when we allow ourselves to be vunerable, but other times, we grow, connect, and advance. Just know that no matter what, there is value in the journey, even if it didn’t turn out the way you expected. There is no one stopping you from putting yourself out…

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    Navigating through Troubled Waters

    Oh how life can throw you some curve balls. Tough and hard stuff that is difficult to navigate through. Unfamiliar valleys so deep that you feel blind and have to find your way through them. I’ve had my share. Whether a physical or emotional challenge; a loss of loved one, facing a serious illness, unthinkable surprises that hit you out of the blue, dreams that are thwarted, or whatever it might be, you need tools to help you navigate through those troubled waters. Here are some things I’ve found that have helped me during these deep and difficult times. These are just a few tools that have helped me when…

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    A Successful Life and Relationships

    Recently I was reading a newsletter that was talking about successful tips on retirement. They were such great practical tips, not only for retirement, but for life and relationships. I definitely thought they were worth repeating. I added the first one and expanded a little on some points. So I definitely thought these were some good life tips. Whatever your day holds, I hope you experience some joy and contentment. Warmest regards,

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    Life & Art

    Life can get busy. This month has been no exception with work, celebrations, living, caring for yourself, and more . . . time can fly. Art is definitely therapy for me when facing the stressors of life. Well, here we are at the end of the month of August. I thought I’d share a very brief recap. A group of ladies attended our annual Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach for our annual outing. It was fantastic this year and one of my favorite so far! Here are some highlights as to some art I’ve created in August. Is there a message that speaks to you? How are you…

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    Purpose – An Art Journal Spread

    Recently I spent some time in my art journal and created this odd but fun spread with dinosaurs. The title that came to me was from a sticker and it says, ‘Found himself in a strange land.’ It just reminded me that sometimes I do find myself in odd places in my life but there is still purpose in those times and circumstances. Maybe those unusual challenging times stretch and grow us, or possibly they make us more grateful. Those strange times and events may be taking place so that we can help someone walk on this journey called life, or maybe in turn, they are encouraging us. I want…