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Right Now Monday – Be True to You

Right Now, Today, This Monday . . . Right Now . . .  today, I am focusing on the importance of caring for myself and being true to me.  So often, we think that caring for ourselves is selfish.  Well, it’s not.  We need to care for ourselves so that we in turn can be better friends, parents, employees, spouses . . . whatever role we fill.  We aren’t of any help to others around us if we aren’t healthy.

I’m speaking to myself here but possibly it will be something that speaks to your heart.  Right Now, taking care of and being true to myself involves;

  • Set safe and healthy boundaries.  We don’t always have to say ‘yes’.  There are times it’s important to say no to put ourselves or family first.
  • Be kind to yourself.  So often we are hard on ourselves and our worst critics.  If you don’t get it all done or miss something, make a mistake . . . we all do . . . move on, learn from it and don’t let it slow you down.
  • Take care of my body.  It’s so important to get some exercise.  Sunshine is also important.
  • Take time to rest and relax.
  • Give yourself room in your schedule for relationships.

These are just a few things Cheryl that you can do to be ‘true to you.’  The art journal page I created . . . is a reminder of the important that Right Now, Monday . . . be true to you.

More about ‘Right Now Mondayhere.

How about you?  What are some ways you need to care for yourself?  What are some ways you need to be true to you?


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