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    Create a Living Canvas – Art Journaling Entry

    While some things in our lives we CANNOT control, some things we can. Often we can determine the outcome of something. For example . . . the principle of planting, is that you will reap what you sow. You plant and put in the hard work, you’ll usually always get a good harvest. The principal of giving is that you give, it will come back around to you. Our lives can be a blank canvas and often we can choose to ‘create’ a canvas that is full of color and joy. So often it’s a choice. Even with the things we can’t control, we still have a choice in how…

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    I am Grateful for Reflection

    Dina Wakley’s Challenge this month is “I am Grateful for Reflection.” So true . . . there is certainly some good time at the moment with staying home to reflect. I have been reflecting on the future, how I can have an impact, how I can bring encouragement to others, and more. It’s so important to reflect in order to learn, grow, and to look to the future. I wonder what you’re reflecting upon. Even though things can look bleak, I do hope that you are reflecting on things that bring you encouragement and hope for the future. Warmest creative wishes,

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    Be Silly

    Especially today, right now, there is a lot of stress in life. There’s worry about a pandemic, and the future. There’s strife about politics. Several tasks that used to be fun or relaxing are now work or a ‘chore.’ With all the stuff going on in life . . . it’s good to be a little silly sometimes. I created the below art journal page as a reminder of the importance of being silly and carefree. As adults I think we get caught up at times in having so much responsibility and forget to let loose a little. Run in the sprinklers, enjoy some ice cream, play a funny game…

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    Using Recyclables In Your Art

    The below art journaling page is made from scraps and some paint. I am always picking up things off the ground that have rusty goodness or a look of old to them. I’m always keeping an eye out for things that have had a prior life or purpose and using them in art. I make sure I clean my hands and the item after collecting it, but recycling, or ‘upcycling’ is something can be fun and make your pages unique. I’m thinking more art journal here, but below are some items you could upcycle; Some things I’ve collected along the way and used include; Metal pieces that are rusty (can…

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    10 Ways To Add Sparkle Using New Stickles Glitter Gel

    Have you seen Ranger’s new Stickles Glitter Gel? Oh my the sparkly bliss! If you’re local, I’m happy to report that Stamp Fever in Orange, California has several colors of the glitter gel in stock. Linda at Stamp Fever is a delight and so is shopping at her store. Such great finds! You will find shopping there a lovely experience whether you’re a stamper or mixed media enthusiast. During this time of Covid quarantine, she’s offering curbside delivery. The colors are so delicious and depending on what you layer the stickles on, it can lend to different effects. Colors include Asteriod, Dark Matter, Moon Dust, Nebula, Solar Flare, and Super…

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    Dreams Handmade Journal

    Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” The above is so true. It’s important to hold our dreams and goals close to our hearts. It’s also important to put them in writing. I haven’t filled this little journal as of yet but see the cover I created. I plan on filling it with little reminders of ways I want to bring others a message of hope and love as well as things I hope to accomplish. I think it will take a while for me to fill this. I created it from cardboard and the Eileen Hull wrapped journal. I used…

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    Been A While & An Idea for Your Leftover Easter Egg Dyes

    Greetings.  It’s been a while.  Life has been a bit crazy lately on this end.  I hope you’re well!  I have been a little M.I.A. but I’m on the mend.  For a few weeks I had been putting in quite a few hours at work and then . . . pneumonia.  So I’ve been off for a couple days resting and healing! I plan on sharing some posts here in the next couple weeks surrounding my creative planner.  I hope to do a little wrap up for each three months of the year.  I love that my memory and creative planner are helping me to document life (that seems to…