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Recent Collage Fodder – Make Your Own

It’s such a funny word . . . Fodder. Looking to find more? You can check out the following posts if you’d like . . .

If we don’t follow each other on Instagram and you’re interested in some very visual posts and art, I’d love to connect. That’s where I post a lot of my art and projects that might not always be here on the blog. You can find me HERE.

I thought I’d share some most recent fodder. There’s a challenge out there . . . 100 Days of Fodder. I’ve enjoyed the fact this challenge has encouraged me to create almost daily. I try at least. Each day I don’t feel like I have to create a masterpiece, just something. It’s been inspiring and I’ve had the blessing of meeting some new friends through the journey. I’m also creating little bits for future journals and classes and often using what I have on hand.

For those of you asking about the beautiful intricate die, you can find it HERE. I used some of my Gel Press prints to create these. The mandala image I used my Gel press is a beautiful stencil by The Crafters Workshop. It’s called ‘Striped Mandala’ and you can find .

It’s Spring so a perfect time to make butterflies with Gel Press prints and nature (bark and twigs) outside.

Sketching and painting is something I enjoy doing, but don’t often enough. I was inspired by Spring for these creatures, big and small. And don’t discard those chipboard backgrounds. You can ‘cut it up’ and use the negative shape in a journal too. Gel Press scraps always made awesome collage fodder.

Using plain ol’ cardboard or masking tape to stamp on is great recycling. It’s always good to use what you have.

How about tiny envelopes and a leaf drawing I made turned into a cutting image and stencil? Easy peasy. Start looking at things differently . . . inexpensive placemats you can use as stencils, etc.

Wishing you a Happy Spring. What have you been creating lately? What have you been up to?


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