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    10 Ways To Add Sparkle Using New Stickles Glitter Gel

    Have you seen Ranger’s new Stickles Glitter Gel? Oh my the sparkly bliss! If you’re local, I’m happy to report that Stamp Fever in Orange, California has several colors of the glitter gel in stock. Linda at Stamp Fever is a delight and so is shopping at her store. Such great finds! You will find shopping there a lovely experience whether you’re a stamper or mixed media enthusiast. During this time of Covid quarantine, she’s offering curbside delivery. The colors are so delicious and depending on what you layer the stickles on, it can lend to different effects. Colors include Asteriod, Dark Matter, Moon Dust, Nebula, Solar Flare, and Super…

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    Dreams Handmade Journal

    Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” The above is so true. It’s important to hold our dreams and goals close to our hearts. It’s also important to put them in writing. I haven’t filled this little journal as of yet but see the cover I created. I plan on filling it with little reminders of ways I want to bring others a message of hope and love as well as things I hope to accomplish. I think it will take a while for me to fill this. I created it from cardboard and the Eileen Hull wrapped journal. I used…

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    Been A While & An Idea for Your Leftover Easter Egg Dyes

    Greetings.  It’s been a while.  Life has been a bit crazy lately on this end.  I hope you’re well!  I have been a little M.I.A. but I’m on the mend.  For a few weeks I had been putting in quite a few hours at work and then . . . pneumonia.  So I’ve been off for a couple days resting and healing! I plan on sharing some posts here in the next couple weeks surrounding my creative planner.  I hope to do a little wrap up for each three months of the year.  I love that my memory and creative planner are helping me to document life (that seems to…

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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month – A Peek into my Chemo Art Journal

    October is Breast Cancer awareness month and as most of you know, I am a breast cancer survivor of four years in November.  I speak often for the American Cancer Society raising awareness and funds for those diagnosed and research.  I have been sending out some reminders regarding ladies, doing your self checks and getting your mammograms if you are of age or at risk.  Men, I’ve been sharing on social media to remind the wonderful ladies you love in your life to do the above; remind your mom, wife, friends and more.  No health insurance; the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen organization and many more can get you…

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    The Strength in Scars

    Scars . . . we all have them.  Some are visible, some not.  Some are emotional, burned onto our soul while others are there for the world to see.  Some are scars we just see.  Some we hide, some we can’t.  No matter, scars are reminders of where we have been, what we’ve endured and how we’ve made it out with the choice to tell our story. It’s been not quite 3 1/2 years since I had a double mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis.  About a year after this major surgery and several surgeries after that, I endured some very deep emotional scars due to a tragedy that took place in our…

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    The Love of Wonder

    Oh how I love my journals.  They are my friends.  When I’m feeling down or happy, I love to create in them and often what is inside pours out onto the pages of my journals.  It was no different with this page I titled ‘Wonder’.  I thought I’d share and would encourage you to think about the following . . . What is wonder? 1 wonder play noun won·der \ˈwən-dər\ : something or someone that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc. : a feeling caused by seeing something that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc. : something that is surprising or hard to believe We can live busy lives and…

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    Meaningful Soul Words – Part 2

    If you missed Part I . . . a great list of ‘feeling and soul words’ you can check it out here. But here are some prompts also on the sheet that I thought would be great for art journaling.  This is what I took from the sheet and wanted to share. We are in the midst of ‘busy’ season . . . I encourage you to take a moment out of your busy schedule and ask yourself . . . how do I feel?  It’s important.  Sometimes ‘busy’ can be an enemy to our physical and mental health . . . I say that from experience. Pinpoint which soul…

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    Meaningful Soul Words – Part 1

    As we approach the new year . . . I can’t believe it . . . 2015, I thought this so appropriate.  I have some other fun things to share as well on the horizon including a book that my husband and daughter gifted me for Christmas having to do with art and prayer.  Love it. I recently ran across some information I thought was so good when dealing with emotions.  Finishing up this last year, we do some reflecting – some of us had a great year and others are happy to put it in the past.  With the new year brings a clean slate, a new beginning and possibilities.…

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    Handmade Holidays Blog Hop 2014 – Gift for the Artist

    I am thrilled once again to be a part of an incredible on-line event, the 4th Annual Handmade Holidays Blog Hop.  Organized by Jennifer Priest from Hydrangea Hippo, with the assistance of others, it’s an inspiring event brimming with unique gift ideas for the Holidays.  You don’t want to miss this line up of inspiration and artistic bliss. A few years ago we were looking online for handmade gift ideas and thought it would be great if there was a resource dedicated JUST to handmade gift ideas. Enter the Handmade Holidays hop! We’ve gathered over 100 of our creative blogger friends in the craft industry as well as some of our fellow…

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    Throwback Thursday – Window of the Soul Art Journal Tour

    A while back for Throwback Thursday I shared a little video tour of the Window of the Soul Art Journal Tag Tour.  Today for Throwback Thursday, I’d like to simply share an art journal tour based on the study of a book called just that, “Windows of the Soul” by Ken Gire.  I hope you enjoy.  Just a relaxed little peek. Are you working on an art journal?  Are you documenting a particular event?  I’d love to know.  Where are you sharing your documentation?   Warmest creative wishes,