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    Lessons from Mister Rogers – Entering the New Year

    Leaving behind the old and embracing the new with less weight is something I think most of us want for a new year. I’m not sure how many of you have seen ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.’ There are so many lessons wrapped up in one movie, one true story. Fred Rogers was a man who walked the walk and showed us how forgiveness and kindness could change lives (young and more mature). Forgiveness releases the person who needs forgiveness as well as the person doing the forgiving. Each individual has value, even those that you may not like or who have a different opinion than you. Really listening…

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    The Gift of Learning

    Christmas is over and it was an amazing one. I did want to share about a gift I received prior to Christmas and that is the gift of learning. I made gifts this year for co-workers. One of the gifts that I made was homemade beef jerky. My hubby took the time to teach me his techniques so I could make it for the guys in my work life. He has a tried and true process he’s perfected over the years that makes an amazing jerky. I enjoyed as he methodically shared with me. It was a gift of time and now ‘know how’ that I can bless others with.The…

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    Making It – Gifts

    How many of you are enjoying another season of Making It on NBC? I know I am! It’s phenomenal. I thought I’d share some of the gifts that I made this year. I shared a quick tutorial HERE on making your own quick gift bags while using your stash. What’s behind those gift bags? Let me tell you.  I enjoyed personalizing them according to co-workers personalities. While it’s fun to receive, I think I experience a lot of joy making and giving. I’ll be making gifts for the guys in my work life as well. Handcrafted and homemade is fun for both the giver and receiver.  How about you? Are…

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    Simple Ideas to Show Kindness

    Kindness can change lives! No matter what your financial status, whether you are working or retired, or whatever circumstances present themselves, there are so many ways to show kindness. During the holidays, life can be crazy busy, difficult and hard, so kindness can often make even more of an impact. Below are a few ways big and small that we can show kindness. Smile at another and make eye contact. Help someone with their groceries to their car. Allow someone to go in front of you at the store. Offer the gift of forgiveness if appropriate. Listen. Time is the most precious gift. Listening is a gift of time and…

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    Quick and Easy Gift Bag – Using Your Stash

    I’m all about using my stash and during the holidays, your stash can come in very handy. A couple of things I keep on hand regularly is plain kraft-colored bags, tulle, and small gifts. Pair these things together with Sizzix dies and the possibilities are endless. I wanted to share a quick tutorial for a cute handcrafted gift bag. You can take this same concept and make a matching card as well. I used a Sizzix Tim Holtz Bigz Die titled Reindeer Flight which someone gifted me a couple years ago. It was used but I loved it. Here’s the how to to make a stamp and quick and cute…

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    The Gift of Presence

    Around the holidays we can get caught up in getting and giving the perfect or enough gifts. The reality is that often we can’t remember what gifts we’ve gotten in years past but we do remember the memories of being together. The most important gift is, the gift of presence. A few friends and I celebrated just that on Monday. We met when I was a lead Fiskateer and we met through the lovely fun wide world of crafting. What a blessing these ladies have been in my life. Through paper and scissors, I have gained a group of lifelong friends. While crafting brought us together, and I’m so grateful…