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The Gift of Learning

Christmas is over and it was an amazing one. I did want to share about a gift I received prior to Christmas and that is the gift of learning.

I made gifts this year for co-workers. One of the gifts that I made was homemade beef jerky. My hubby took the time to teach me his techniques so I could make it for the guys in my work life. He has a tried and true process he’s perfected over the years that makes an amazing jerky. I enjoyed as he methodically shared with me. It was a gift of time and now ‘know how’ that I can bless others with.
The gift of teaching another is rewarding in so many ways. You’re able to spend time together, laugh together and walk away with a new skill.
Have you learned something new in 2019? Planning on learning something new in 2020?

The Master teaching his technique

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