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    Artsy Findings E-Magazine – Issue One

    Artsy Findings E-magazine is a gift and free offering from me to you. We are currently living in an odd time, and living a new normal. One thing I do know, I’ve seen a lot of creativity come out of this pandemic. My goal of this gift is to provide you a little artistic respite, creative inspiration and joy. It’s focused on art, connection and life. I look forward to growing this free publication, and hope to include some other artists interviews and content. I plan to share ways to create and get the most of your tools, share inspiration, tutorials, and more. Without further ado, feel free to read…

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    Creativity and Health

    Many of you have heard that creativity Is good for the mind and soul. Well we need things that will improve our mental health, state of mind, and soul during this crisis. I’ve been fighting pneumonia so when I have the energy, creating encourages me and boosts my spirit. I have been pondering a lot about the creativity that I see as we navigate through these uncharted waters and times. I’ve seen people get creative in showing kindness, making or securing supplies they need, sharing with one another, being safe but showing you care, protecting themselves, and more. I think a lot of businesses and great ideas will be born…

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    Thank You – Standing Tall in Support!

    Thank you to all those who are sticking their necks out for us; first responders, medical personnel, grocery workers, truckers and more! Thank you! Holding you close in thought and prayer. Standing tall in grateful support of all you do. Ran across this page I did last year in my Inktober challenge and thought of how we are standing strong and tall with those on the front line! #grateful

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    A Gift from the Girl

    As some of you may or may not know, I have been struggling with pneumonia. I’m improving each day and so grateful. While I was in the hospital and healing, our sweet girl crocheted this beautiful little purse for me. I love it and it was certainly a gift of love. Oh how I love our girl! Have you created a gift of love lately? Received one? I’d love to know.

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    Planning for the New Year – Inspiration

    As we enter 2020, I think we all want to be organized and meet those goals. One of the ways that I can stay on track is by ‘ creative planning.’ I’ll be sharing one post each Friday of my planner, but it will also have an encouraging quote I hope will move you for the coming week. What are you doing to help set your course straight? Starting the month out see the below and remember to ’embrace the good.’

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    Shedding the Old and Ringing in the Best

    With a new year in front of us, we often do an inventory of what we need or want to shed. Maybe it’s pounds, maybe it’s a thought or defeating attitude, or maybe it’s a valley we had to go through that we are happy to leave behind us. When it comes to shedding the old, some years are lighter than others. One thing for sure, ‘Each Day is a Gift’ and it’s so important to make the day count. 2020 is here and I ask, how will I/you plan to make a difference? What is a practice we can put into place on making each day count? Maybe it’s…