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Breast Cancer Awareness Crown ~ Gel Press

Some of you following the Artsy Findings blog aren’t on social media, so I thought I’d share this here as well.

As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is with the most heartfelt gratitude that I thank God for life, and family and friends for amazing support. I can never truly express my gratitude. The circle of support I had still makes me tear up.

During this time, I received an amazing gift from a sweet friend when I started chemotherapy. It was a beautiful crown titled, “Queen of Chemo,” and was worn by other ladies who battled breast cancer before me. Each lady signed it and the dates they started and ended treatment. I’ve since passed that crown on to another warrior.

I wanted to share with you a message, and a tutorial where I made a different version of a Queen of Chemo crown with the Gel Press plate, and the new Awareness Ribbon Plate. Thank you to Gel Press and the National Breast Cancer Association for making a difference. I hope you enjoy the below video.

Warmest creative wishes and heartfelt thanks,


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