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Day One – Three Years Ago

Hello all . . . today marks three years since my diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma, breast cancer and I’m a little more than 1/2 way to be considered ‘cancer free’ (five years).  While we have just finished up with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s not too late to get your mammogram, do a self-check or remind the woman or man you love in your life to do the same.

I wanted to share with you what I wrote exactly three years ago on my diagnosis date.  It still applies and I want to live it no matter what life brings my way.  My heart, still to this day overflows with such gratitude for all of the support and love that others have shown.  Thank you. Again, I say thank you.

Day One of Battle – I sat in a lovely area of the hospital (seems ironic to say that).  It was breast cancer awareness month when I had gotten my mammogram.  I was back at the hospital for a closer look.  There were eight women waiting to be called in and I was one among those eight.  A sweet nurse called me back and this began a series of events that led me to ‘Day One.’

Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.  One in eight women will be diagnosed in their lifetime.  The catch . . . I did not expect I would be that ONE (the one of eight in that waiting room) who got a diagnosis.  Whoever really thinks that they will be that ‘One.’  

Today I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

So . . . as a friend of mine, Melody says, “Today is Day One.”  She may mean it in a different context but today is Day One for me.  Day One of Battle!  

Today is Day One for me to choose;

  • Hope over being Heartbroken
  • Courage over becoming Callous
  • Faith over Fear
  • Determination over Depression
  • Purpose over Pain (although there will be some of the latter too, but let’s weight those scales)
  • Joy (although all of it won’t be a breeze) over feeling Jilted or cheated
  • Better over Bitter
  • Trust over Worry

and today . . . Day One . . . I’m going to start a journal . . . it might be titled “The Journal of a Fight.”  I’m sure there will be days that the strength won’t be there but I want to record and hopefully encourage through the fight.  I want you to know . . . my loved ones and friends that I love you . . . thank you in advance for lifting me up, supporting and loving.

While the journey ahead won’t be an easy one . . . I have lived long enough and have seen others go before me (like my aunt and other survivors), that I am confident that there can be a great purpose in this struggle or trial.  I want the trial to count!  There will be things learned . . . helping someone along the way who goes after me.

We all have our life message to share.  It seems that our life message gets a little louder when suddenly the priorities in life become much clearer.  I’ll be honest . . . I’m a bit apprehensive of what is to come but I’m also confident that I am loved, that I am supported, that I am a fighter.

I’m going to do my best with the support and love of all of you friends, family and my God to be courageous.  I’m uncertain of what the future holds.  I know whatever lies ahead, I choose to put my trust in Him! The force of love helps me to take the next step. 

I am grateful for this day, for life, for love, for hope, for faith, for prayer, for family (my husband, daughter, mom, sister, uncles, aunts, cousins and all), for friends, co-workers, support, my church, for loving nurses and doctors, for blessing and for you!


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