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    Breast Cancer Awareness

    As a survivor of Breast Cancer, I want to thank you each for the role you’ve played in my life. Thank you for the way you supported me when I was in the thick of fighting. Thank you for the love and support you’ve shown me. I always hold you close to my heart, and as I think back at all the ways then and now that you’ve touched my life, my heart explodes with gratitude. Because I care, I want to encourage you to please take steps to detecting cancer early. Do those self-exams and make those mammogram appointments. Don’t delay. Do it for those that love you, and…

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    Heart Layers

    The Illustrated Faith Heart Layers Kit had so many beautiful hearts in it. The word stamps and washi tape were absolutely precious and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface on using the kits contents. The study is rich and really personal so I’m taking my time to soak it in. It’s a great one if you’re looking for a devotional. I won’t be sharing my actual devotion/study book (as that’s between my King and I), but I hope to encourage through scripture and the journaling I do in my Bible. The below flips up to reveal a heart layer and the title of ‘The Wound.” We all have them…

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    Art Journaling in Scripture

    I’m thoroughly enjoying the New Testament Illustrated Faith study titled Revival Camp. The fun travel theme lends itself to a great devotional that sheds light on what we need to wear as believers, looking through a specific perspective (our love glasses) and more. Here is another entry in my Bible I created as I worked through another devotion. I’ve read this verse many a times throughout the years, but to ‘create’ it, really helped me to think on and ponder the meaning. I even cut a heart and glued it back together symbolic that He heals our broken hearts and lifts us up. Psalm 34:18 ~ The Lord is near…

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    Diving into the Word – Summer Bible Journaling

    The Summer is all about diving into activities, a change in weather and all it has to offer, the swimming pool and more. Recently I’ve been working on getting healthier and the good weather that Summer brings helps with this process. I’ve been taking an Aqua Fit class that’s fun and beneficial. I was thinking about Bible Journaling and how it too is diving in but having fun! Diving into the Word of God to touch and guide our hearts and fun because Bible journaling is a fresh way to record what God is sharing with you in the margins of your Bible. I see Bible journaling also as a…

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    Peak Creative Time For You

    I’ve always been s night owl however after going through breast cancer treatment a few years ago, I found that my body can’t stay up that long anymore. Even though this is true, I still find that the peak creative time for me is in the stillness of the night when all is quiet expect for my imagination.  In fact, sometimes it’s hard to turn off. After being sick for several days and having a lot on my mind, I enjoyed the quite prayerful creative time to watercolor and doodle. I loved watching how the colors fell on the watercolor tin and n the paper. The hues when mixed made…

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    Speaking Words of Truth into Your Life

    Most of us want to live a successful life, make a difference and leave a mark on the world. One of the biggest battles we fight on a daily basis is in the mind. I encourage you to create reminders at home, work and even in your car of truth words, Scripture, uplifting quotes and more. There is power in whole and good words.  I created a quick tag and let words just surface. It’s important to speak encouraging truth to others but also just as important to speak truth to ourselves. It’s okay to spur yourself on. Tell yourself things like, “You are strong and brave and can do…