The love for sketching and putting what you see or imagine on paper.

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    A Sketch A Day, Keeping Stress Away

    About a year ago as I showed up for my oncology and surgical checkups and noticed my blood pressure inching it’s way higher.  When we had a mandatory wellness check at work my blood pressure was extremely high and they sent me to my doctor. My ticker was good but bp wasn’t.  That explained the headaches too.  I’ve taken some steps to bring that bp down. I’m sure weight was sone to do with it but stress from the last three years (personally and physically) is also a major culprit.  One thing I am trying to make a habit of is doing is  create each day which seems to really relax me.  I had participated in a…

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    Move Forward Despite Doubt

    I want to take a moment to encourage you! Last year I was encouraged by a friend to participate in a fun journey called Sketchbook West.  Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach was hosting the event.  After such a time, we wrapped up our sketchbooks and were asked to submit larger pieces inspired by our books for an exhibit.  A jury would select pieces that would be housed for in the exhibit for the whole month.  I submitted two pieces and they were both chosen.  I actually didn’t feel extremely satisfied with the pieces and didn’t consider them the best work I had ever done, was a bit intimidated but I submitted nonetheless.…

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    Up to Something Artsy

    It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  One I was fighting off that nasty winter cold, family was in town for the holidays, boat parades, birthdays (my daughter turned 17 and my niece 2), and lots of other activities in between. But I’ve also got some fun artsy news.  I had a friend reach out to me and ask if I was interested in participating in a project called Sketchbook West.  Las Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach hosted this fun project in 2015.  In our sketchbook we’d sketch,  paint,  and create in our smallish book.  From there we took some of the inspiration from our books and created larger pieces.  CHosea…

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    Right Now, This Monday – Thoughts on Making a Difference

    I feel it so appropriate that on Martin Luther King Day I had on my heart to share some thoughts on ‘making a difference.’  From a man who made an incredible and profound impact on society, Martin Luther King, Jr. is an example of ‘making a difference’ with his passions, tenacity, experience, and personality.  We can make a difference exactly where we are at right now.  We can make a difference with our words and actions!  Words are so powerful and to use them to make a difference can be such a gift to another around you! We each have a unique fingerprint like no other in this world . .…

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    Throwback Thursday – Window of the Soul Art Journal Tour

    A while back for Throwback Thursday I shared a little video tour of the Window of the Soul Art Journal Tag Tour.  Today for Throwback Thursday, I’d like to simply share an art journal tour based on the study of a book called just that, “Windows of the Soul” by Ken Gire.  I hope you enjoy.  Just a relaxed little peek. Are you working on an art journal?  Are you documenting a particular event?  I’d love to know.  Where are you sharing your documentation?   Warmest creative wishes,

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    Throwback Thursday – A Wee Little Artist Named Priscilla

    Wondering about Throwback Thursdays?  Check out more here. We have one sweet girl of our own.  We see such beautiful gifts in this incredible girl.  She’s compassionate, has an amazing love for horses and animals, can sing and is a talented creative writer among many other things. I have three nieces and each of them have incredible unique gifts as well.  My oldest niece is gifted with outward beauty, incredible sports ability and a sense of beautiful style all her own.  My second niece is outgoing, can sing, act, is an entrepreneur, is witty and funny! My youngest niece Priscilla is so creative and sweet!  She has such a big heart and…