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Right Now, This Monday – Thoughts on Making a Difference

I feel it so appropriate that on Martin Luther King Day I had on my heart to share some thoughts on ‘making a difference.’  From a man who made an incredible and profound impact on society, Martin Luther King, Jr. is an example of ‘making a difference’ with his passions, tenacity, experience, and personality.  We can make a difference exactly where we are at right now.  We can make a difference with our words and actions!  Words are so powerful and to use them to make a difference can be such a gift to another around you!

We each have a unique fingerprint like no other in this world . . . a unique experience, gifts, personality, passions, style and more!  By choosing to just be ‘you’. . . sometimes that means taking a step outside your comfort zone, taking a risk or loving again when we’ve been hurt.  But when you choose to take these actions, someone else can experience the gift of ‘you’.  You can be a difference maker for someone around you!  Don’t hide, be YOU!

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
Catherine of Siena

A few pages to remind me (and if you’re inspired – you) that we can be difference makers.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Journal prompt: What are some ways I need to step out to be a difference maker?

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