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Throwback Thursday – A Wee Little Artist Named Priscilla

Wondering about Throwback Thursdays?  Check out more here. We have one sweet girl of our own.  We see such beautiful gifts in this incredible girl.  She’s compassionate, has an amazing love for horses and animals, can sing and is a talented creative writer among many other things. I have three nieces and each of them have incredible unique gifts as well.  My oldest niece is gifted with outward beauty, incredible sports ability and a sense of beautiful style all her own.  My second niece is outgoing, can sing, act, is an entrepreneur, is witty and funny! My youngest niece Priscilla is so creative and sweet!  She has such a big heart and loves so sweetly.  One day while sitting around the table coloring with my littlest nieces, Priscilla and I started drawing.  I was so blown away by her imagination and her drawings.  We started talking and I thought . . . these would make awesome abstract stamps.  She said, could you do that Auntie Cheryl?  So I asked a sweet friend what she thought about making Priscilla’s request become reality. This was the result and you can purchase your own here. Here’s a video a few years back showing you how to use ‘Priscilla’s’ stamps with gelatos and pens on canvas . . . [kad_youtube url=”” ] I loved the other images she put down on paper as well.  Check out grandma, the mouse on the moon or the creative helicopter.  I am inspired and you might see these on an art journal in the future. “Try not to get lost in comparing yourself to others.  Discover your gifts and let them shine!” ~ Jeannie Finch


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