The love for sketching and putting what you see or imagine on paper.

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    Inktober or Printinktober- A Creative Challenge

    Have you ever heard of Inktober? It’s a wonderful movement that was started by an illustrator named Jake Parker. He wanted to challenge himself to improve his inking skills, shared it with others and it’s taken off. Find out more HERE. Developing a daily habit of doing something creative each day can have amazing benefits at home, work and play. It can improve self-discipline, self-discovery, organizational skills, personal success, time management, help develop your own style, spark new ideas and lower stress. This coming month of October, I plan on participating in a spin off of Inktober, called Printinktober. Julie Fei Fan Balzer encourages others to create daily using ink…

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    Las Laguna Gallery Artist Reception Invite

    Hello family and friends, I wanted to share some fun news with you and extend an invite to join me at the Las Laguna Gallery Artist Reception from 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. I have an art piece that’s been chosen for the Unique Abstraction Exhibition. Usually on ‘Art Walk Thursday’s’, this time on Saturday, this artist reception will be a pleasant time to connect with the artists, learn, and enjoy Laguna Beach. I would love to see you there if you’re local. It’s a great event. Las Laguna Gallery is located adjacent to the Cliff restaurant. Hope to see you there. Sending warmest creative wishes! Below is a sneak…

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    My Favorite Find at Pinner’s Conference ~ Loddie Doddie

    So I shared a wrap up of the Pinner’s Conference here but I’m thrilled to share my favorite product find. Oh my do I love my Loddie Doddie Chalk Markers! Loddie Doddie is a young wonderful company. I can already tell that their founders and their way of business is warm and wonderful. Their product is amazing. When Matt welcomed me to the booth and put a marker in my hand, I was floored at the difference in the markers I purchase at my local craft stores. Loddie Doddie markers are creamy and smooth. There colors are saturated and they have a beautiful choice of palettes. My favorite color choice…

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    Tag, You’re It, Friend – Part Two

    For the holidays, a group of crafty friends and I decided we would gift one another with handcrafted tags. It was a gift to the recipient but also to the giver. We even considered a favorite palette for each individual. I was excited to make the tags as personal as possible so included a photo of something dear to their hearts. I love these folks so I wanted to make the tags special. I thought I’d share with you the tags I gifted my dear friends. Here’s Part One HERE where I shared Sylvia and Tanya’s tags. Part two, I share Mary and Susan’s tag. Susan’s Tag. Supplies: Acrylic Paint,…

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    While I am far from perfect, I do have the desire to be the best me I can be. I was shaped for a specific purpose, just as you where. This is exactly why we shouldn’t compare. Realizing that in order to Become the best me I can, I need to focus on truth. Not half of the truth, (that usually gets us in trouble) but the whole truth. In order to Become a purpose filled vessel that shares light and hope and encouragement through my story, I need to listen to the Voice of truth. Listening to the Voice of truth will set my course of direction. So often…

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    Gel Press Tag Flip Through

    So I’m teaching a collaborative class coming up soon. I’ll be teaching the arty portion, while a friend will be teaching more about a different subject. I can’t wait to share more so stay tuned. Knowing that we will need to create several tags fairly quickly, I thought I’d use the Gel Press Gel Plate. I love my Gel Press! The following quick video is a flip through of some quick tags I created to use as bases for class samples (not completed tags). Wishing all a beautiful day and warmest creative wishes!

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    Inserting Art (or your passion) Into Your Career

    I’ve always had a desire to create and from a young age and enjoyed participating in art contests and creative events. I even had an opportunity to draw/create a logo for my softball team in Elementary School. As I matured, I always kept an art element in my life. I never had any formal art training but I would paint, create, teach, sell some of my artwork, collaborate and write as well. Another passion of mine . . . from a young age was the desire to serve my community and to enter into a law enforcement career which I did for most of my life. Throughout my law enforcement…

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    Peak Creative Time For You

    I’ve always been s night owl however after going through breast cancer treatment a few years ago, I found that my body can’t stay up that long anymore. Even though this is true, I still find that the peak creative time for me is in the stillness of the night when all is quiet expect for my imagination.  In fact, sometimes it’s hard to turn off. After being sick for several days and having a lot on my mind, I enjoyed the quite prayerful creative time to watercolor and doodle. I loved watching how the colors fell on the watercolor tin and n the paper. The hues when mixed made…

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    Artists that Inspire

    I know when I’m with creative like minded friends and people, it’s like these little sparks go off and ignite a great creative fire. There is so much inspiration in this world and so many different kinds of art. I am inspired by a variety of different artists that use different mediums. These are a few. Eda Kaban is a favorite with her whimsical fun characters and scenes from life. You can find some of her work HERE. Eda Kaban Dennis Wunsch is a personal and dear friend and former next door neighbor. Dennis is an award winning illustrator who has been featured in articles, magazines, books and advertising. His…

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    Figures and Faces Art Exhibit * Laguna Beach * July 5th

    Emotion can be expressed both on the human face and body. I’m thrilled to be just one of the artists that is involved in the 2018 ‘Figure and Faces’ art exhibit Las Laguna Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. If you’re a local, I hope you have an opportunity to visit. Now is a wonderful time to visit Laguna Beach during the Arts Festival and especially during Laguna’s First Thursdays Art Walk. The Art Walk takes place once a month on the first Thursday of each month and it’s a  wonderful time to peruse galleries and shops throughout Laguna Beach. It’s a lovely time to enjoy some appetizers, drink and art.…