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Meaningful Soul Words – Part 1

As we approach the new year . . . I can’t believe it . . . 2015, I thought this so appropriate.  I have some other fun things to share as well on the horizon including a book that my husband and daughter gifted me for Christmas having to do with art and prayer.  Love it.

I recently ran across some information I thought was so good when dealing with emotions.  Finishing up this last year, we do some reflecting – some of us had a great year and others are happy to put it in the past.  With the new year brings a clean slate, a new beginning and possibilities.

This comes from a sheet titled “SOUL WORDS: A Feeling Word List”.  I thought it so appropriate to share this list as these words would be wonderful as an encouragement to express ourselves or as art journaling prompts.  Part 2 (to come) has to do with art journaling and a little exercise.  So here we go . . .

  • HAPPY, cheerful, delight, elated, encouraged, glad, gratified, joyful, lighthearted, overjoyed, pleased, relieved, satisfied, thrilled, secure.
  • LOVING, affectionate, cozy, passionate, romantic, sexy, warm, tender, responsive, thankful, appreciative, refreshed, pleased.
  • HIGH ENERGY, energetic, enthusiastic, excited, playful, rejuvenated, talkative, pumped, motivated, driven, determined, obsessed.
  • AMAZED, stunned, surprised, shocked, jolted, enlightened.
  • ANXIOUS, uneasy, embarrassed, frustrated, nauseated, ashamed, nervous, restless, worried, stressed.
  • CONFIDENT, positive, secure, self-assured, assertive.
  • PEACEFUL, relieved, at ease, calm, comforted, cool, relaxed, serene.
  • AFRAID, scared, anxious, apprehensive, boxed in, burdened, confused, distressed, fearful, frightened, guarded, hard pressed, overwhelmed, panicky, paralyzed, tense, terrified, worried, insecure.
  • TRAUMATIZED, shocked, disturbed, injured, damaged.
  • ANGRY, annoyed, controlled, manipulated, furious, grouchy, grumpy, irritated, provoked, frustrated.
  • LOW ENERGY, beaten down, exhausted, tired, weak, listless, depressed, detached, withdrawn, indifferent, apathetic.
  • ALONE, avoidant, lonely, abandoned, deserted, forlorn, isolated, cut off, detached.
  • SAD, unhappy, crushed, dejected, depressed, desperate, despondent, grieved, heartbroken, heavy, weepy.
  • BETRAYED, deceived, fooled, duped, tricked, cynical
  • CONFUSED, baffled, perplexed, mystified, bewildered.
  • ASHAMED, guilty, mortified, humiliated, embarrassed, exposed.
  • DISAPPOINTED, let down, disheartened, disillusioned, distrustful.

For me personally and honestly; I feel a bit anxious but working on that.  I feel some sadness but excited about new beginnings.  No matter how young or old . . . we have the opportunity to make decisions, changes and start new on some things.  We can’t change the past but we can change our future.

These past few weeks I’ve enjoyed watching my beautiful 16 year old (on December 21st) perform with her special choir/dance group at  assisted living facilities, hospitals, etc.  It touched my heart so watching the interaction of young and more mature.

What do you feel today? Share here or with yourself . . . I just encourage you . . . be honest.

meaningful soul words


Warmest creative wishes,

Daughter, Wife, Mother, Friend, artist, vintage loving, law enforcement officer, Southern Californian, God and country loving girl who loves to meet like minded creative people, share life with new and old friends. Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better. ~André Gide


  • Michelle Salazar

    Honest oh how I want to say happy and peaceful the place I like to be best in my life but in truth today I am feeling lonely, tired and let down by people. I know that it will not last long and that I will be back to peaceful and happy but today I do not feel that way.

  • Tanya N.

    At this moment I am sitting in the doctor’s office feeling very anxious! I know soon I will most likely have relief.