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Meaningful Soul Words – Part 2

If you missed Part I . . . a great list of ‘feeling and soul words’ you can check it out here.

But here are some prompts also on the sheet that I thought would be great for art journaling.  This is what I took from the sheet and wanted to share.

We are in the midst of ‘busy’ season . . . I encourage you to take a moment out of your busy schedule and ask yourself . . . how do I feel?  It’s important.  Sometimes ‘busy’ can be an enemy to our physical and mental health . . . I say that from experience.

  • Pinpoint which soul words speak to you.  Pick three top ones.  A reminder . . . feelings are just that . . . feelings . . . no right or wrong way to ‘feel’.
  • Do these words or thinking about these specific feelings evoke a physical response?
  • What type of reaction did it evoke?  How have you expressed this emotion in the past and most recently.  Did you stuff it?  Express it?
  • Were there any concerns or costs to the expression of your feelings, actions or behaviors?
  • Fill in the blanks . . . I feel ___________  I need ______________
  • Did your feelings generate other emotions?
  • What did you learn from thinking about the soul words that spoke to you?
  • Did you give yourself some mercy?  You let yourself feel without guilt right?

I’ve art journaled for a long time but recently after going through some valleys it has been so therapeutic.  If you take up this challenge, please let me know, I’d love to see your work.

Wishing you all a day filled with authenticity.  Know that you are a blessing to me!

meaningful soul words

Warmest creative wishes,

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