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    Planning in 2019

    Bo Bennett said, ‘A dream becomes a goal when action is taken.’ So true! This year I chose to go with a smaller planner that I could tote to work or around town. I chose the Jane Davenport Planner as I love teal! I really try and make it my own and add little mixed media elements throughout the year. I thought I’d share with you some sights from my planner for January. Whether you’re a planner or not, I encourage you to write your dreams and goals down! Sending warmest creative wishes,

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    The Importance of Planning in December

    The holidays can almost be a blur because of the busyness that can come with the season. I want to make sure however that I enjoy the family time, the traditions and the giving season. One thing that helps me get a head start for the season is my planner; whether it’s a shopping list, keeping the festivities or appointments straight or just handling the everyday tasks. It can be a crazy season and planning helps to ‘keep the spirits bright’ and organized. I thought I’d share my planner view . . . it’s certainly a ‘blush’ palette. Somewhere along the line I lost my lovely pen. I absolutely love…

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    Every Day Creativity

    The last blog post I shared, I talked about taking a risk and sharing your art with others. I love that my planner is just that . . . a planner that helps me stay organized but that also provides a bit of space to be creative each day. The benefits of being creative each day are amazing. Here are just a few: Self-Expression – helps you express yourself sometimes when words can’t Releases Endorphins – the happy hormone Studies have shown it helps reduce stress Increases our steps toward bravery and promotes a feel of accomplishment Allows thinking outside the box; improves problem solving Helps you improve relationships by…

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    Planning for the New Year

    With a new year comes a new planner. Well, this planner isn’t new to me as I’ve been saving it. Last year I really enjoyed my Heidi Swapp Memory planner and I have a wonderful keepsake capturing special moments through the year. I have, however, been waiting to use my DCWV Rose Gold Planner. Oh how I love this planner. I love the cute interchangeable charms that snap on the front of the plannerr, the darling polka dot design and the magnetic closure snap. One thing I’m enjoying as well after wearing a uniform for 20 years of my life, now that I wer ‘civies’, I like using  the wardrobe…

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    Planning for a Full Life

    Sometimes with life you feel as if you go from 0-60 in no time flat and the road takes a big turn.  Well, that’s a bit what my life looks like currently. In the last 5 months, I’ve had some major events take place. I’ve sadly lost some dear loved ones that were a daily part of my life We moved our girl to Montana for school which was exciting and hard at the same time.  We are now empty nesters I celebrated my five year cancer free mark A wonderful family wedding took place in Santa Barbara We made a move and now mom, hubby and I live together…

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    The Planner Society Crop Recap

    Hello all, Its been exactly a week since I attended the Planner Society Crop.  You probably saw a ton of photos surrounding this fun time.  It had been quite a while since I had seen Christy and what an amazing venue to attend.  This event was so much about amazing product and projects for your planner, giveaways, new friends and old, shopping, swag, swaps (planner gifts and planner goodies) and most importantly, investing in one another’s lives. What an amazing community the planner community is.  Oh the friendships that were made!  Absolutely precious.  Since photos are worth a thousand words, I wanted to share several photos from this past weekend. …

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    DCWV Planner Review – Love

    Hello all!  I’m thrilled to share with you DCWV planners.  You may know DCWV (Die Cuts with a View) as a leader in paper crafting, home decor, and beautiful jewelry supplies.  They have been a long standing strong company in business for over 20 years.  They do an amazing job and offering inspiration, creativity at a great value. At first impression while opening the box containing this beautiful DCWV planner was the feel of the cover.  The cover is made of a faux lovely leather, my specific planner, red in color.  I love the soft feel of it.  I also loved the color and quality.  The planner seems sturdy and durable…

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    Treasure Found – Vintage Planner Storage

    Oh how I love finding something that is old, vintage or vintage looking which is also bargain that can be used for storage of art supplies!  A while back on Instagram and Facebook I shared a great piece I found to house and store my paint brushes.  As well, I found a great carrier for some fav washi tapes.  Clear and convenient. Recently I found this darling box made for housekeeping supplies but I thought about what a great storage it would make for my planner items.  It lifts up into two pieces and has sections in the top tier.  The bottom portion of the box/tin is for larger items.…

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    Capturing Memories in Your Planner

    There are so many planners that I absolutely love ~ some that I own and some that I’d like to own.  I use certain planners for certain things as many planner girls do.  Oh the beautiful designs out right now. I’m excited to review a new planner here in a week or so . . . stay tuned.  It’s in the mail and I’m thrilled to share more. Today, I thought I’d share why I chose Heidi Swapps’s Memory planner this year. Life can get so busy, right? Isn’t that why we need planners? In the midst of the ‘getting it done’ and ‘staying organized’, I still want to cherish and preserve the…