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Planning in 2019

Bo Bennett said, ‘A dream becomes a goal when action is taken.’ So true! This year I chose to go with a smaller planner that I could tote to work or around town. I chose the Jane Davenport Planner as I love teal! I really try and make it my own and add little mixed media elements throughout the year. I thought I’d share with you some sights from my planner for January.

Whether you’re a planner or not, I encourage you to write your dreams and goals down!

Yes, I am a planner girl and I chose to use Jane Davenport’s more compact planner for 2018.
The little shaker pocket says, “Happy New Year * 2019” and the page behind it lends it to say, “Make it a Happy New Year.” When you flip the shaker/glitter pocket, it reads, “Make it a good day’, see below.
And I had to put a little heart next to Jane because she is such a sweetheart. I don’t know her personally but she just seems like a doll and provides some fun creative mediums for us to beautify the world with.
Some fun goals and reminders for 2019.
I’ll be sharing about these tea bags in the future and a little how to.
Front of the shaker card/pocket.
The back of the shaker pocket reminds me that ‘Everyday brings a new story.’
And because Jane loves Mermaids and I’m a beach girl, I had to include one of my favorite planner clips (the resin Mermaid tail). The other clips I created.
One of my favorite sticker sets by Sugar Dot Market, so sad to share, no longer in business.
Pocket cards from other paper lines work great in a planner too.

Sending warmest creative wishes,

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