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A Day of Beauty and Friendship * Vintage Marketplace Tour

Hello dear ones,

I believe you’ve seen me share here about a very talented and sweet friend Rita Reade.  Rita and Christy Repasy began the Vintage Marketplace several years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing it grow.  It used to be a part of a Barn Sale hop at Christy’s house and then it moved to Rainbow.  These grounds turn into a bit of vintage heaven.  Rita, Christy (who organize the event) and the vendors share their unique goods, gifts, talents, time and sweet personalities.  They are a beautiful group.

Rita is a dear and talented lady!  She is sweet, thoughtful and vibrant and I’m grateful to know her acquaintance.  I had the blessing of teaching with her in the past at Whimsy in Tustin owned by the lovely Cheryl Simpson.  Whimsy is the home to Glitterfest and the Jamestown Flea Market.  What a lovely day that was!  I hope to get my bootie in gear the next few months . . . and teach again sometime there.  An inspirational and lovely place.

Over the years I’ve shared with friends, taken them as well as family to the Vintage Marketplace.  It’s always a lovely time of relaxation, browsing, finding treasures, laughter and the opportunity to see some of my dear friends.  This time was no different.  I thought I’d share a little video with you (something I try and do when I go) so that all can share in the beauty of times past and present.

The first photo with a group of us four ladies include myself, my friends Rita, Julie and Christine.  Rita . . . you now know a little about.  Christine introduced Julie and I via Facebook . . . like matching up friends since we were sharing a similar journey . . . how Julie has been a blessing in my life!  We’ve been able to encourage one another in our journey of health and hope and hopefully do the same for others.  I’m so grateful to Christine; (a sweet one with a big heart).  I’m also grateful to Julie . . . for the lovely person and friend she is.  Grateful!  I had the opportunity to see many other friends along the way.  You’ll see my sweet friend Terri ‘bud’ as we so dearly call her, and my sweet momma.  Sit back, relax and let’s go on an Artsy Adventure.  Enjoy the beautiful sights of the Vintage Marketplace put to some fitting music.


As far as some incredible treasures/deals/lovelies, I scored . . . I’d like to save that for another post titled ‘Treasures‘.

Warmest vintage and creative wishes!!!

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