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Right Now Monday: Be Kind to Unkind People, They Need It The Most

Wow . . . I read this statement earlier in the week and didn’t know it would ring so true.  It was posted (and then reposted) by a radio station.  It especially made sense when I had an experience (and opportunity) to be kind to an unkind person.

If you don’t mind reading for a moment . . . one of you may need to hear what came to mind as I experienced a very angry and unkind individual.  But this presented an opportunity.

I was headed to meet my daughter and mom.  I entered a very busy shopping center and found an individual that was getting ready to leave.  I waited on the individual and they were taking quite awhile.  The individual pulling out the parking space was a senior and at times they tend to move a little slower.  I will be there one day.  I waited patiently.  I pulled into the parking space.  I exited my vehicle and a big white truck and it’s driver was waiting to throw some major unkind words my way.  Let’s just say that the individual wasn’t so patient.  He shared some very unkind choice words about my weight and how he had to wait.  He was so loud and angry that he basically turned every head in the area.  He was so angry.

My first reaction was shock.  I didn’t understand what I had done.  Secondly, I was hurt but only for a moment.  Then it was fear.  He was so angry I wondered if he’d take it any further.  I hadn’t done anything malicious or with intent.  I thought back and tried to evaluate if I had done something.  It registered, ‘Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.’  I was so shocked at first but as the guy was driving away, I said, “Someone cares for you. You are Loved.”  Then I watched him pull into a spot around the corner and go into the smoke shop.

Some thoughts and a reminder to myself as I processed this situation;

  • Is his criticism of me going to benefit or better me?  Does he even know me?  No.  His opinion doesn’t matter.  I’d like to please my family, friends, co-workers and boss however I only need the approval of One.
  • Where is he coming from?  Was he patient, kind, encouraging?  No.  He’s coming from a place of anger, disappointment, hurt.  Hurt people, hurt people.
  • Do I need to react after being hurt and retaliate?  No.  That only hurts me.
  • Am I defined by the weight that I am?  By the car I drive?  By the clothes I wear?  No.  I am (you are) unique and special.  I am not defined by my gifts, by my circumstances, failures or successes.  No, I am defined by who I am according to my Creator.  Isn’t it the Creator the one that defines the purpose of it’s vessel.  When an artist creates from clay a cup or a bowl . . . they are defining it’s purpose and beauty.  

Having gone through (still more to come I’m sure), some difficult circumstances or knowing others that have carried a heavy burden of hurt, betrayal and more, I try to keep in mind that there are people all over carrying hurt, guilt, shame, anger and more.  We never know the burdens someone is carrying.  This is a good reminder to act with kindness and caution.

As a reminder . . . I created an art journaling page.  If you’d like to create a similar page you can view it here.

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So this Monday, Right Now . . . A reminder to self: May I ‘be kind to unkind people.  They need it the most.’




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  • Donna Woods

    You are so very, very sweet! I was afraid you were going to say that you let him have the parking space, which to me would just say every time you are ugly to someone you will get your way. Your response was perfect. I had a similar incident with a car wash line, I backed out and let the man you have the spot. It upset me so bad I cried and trembled. I basically let it ruin my whole day. Thank you for sharing this important lesson. YOU are loved from afar!

    • artsychick

      Oh Donna, I am sorry you had a similar situation. That makes me sad. You are beautiful ans you are the sweet one. You did what you did based on the knowledge and strength at that time. Know you are greatly loved!