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Warmest Easter Wishes

As I write this on Good Friday . . . I look so forward to Easter Sunday.  Isn't that what Easter is all about . . . Looking Forward and having Hope! Wishing all a blessed Easter as we celebrate life, hope and victory!

Lucky 13 Sneak Peek - a page for Donna Salazar

Another sneak peek on our Lucky 13 journey with lovely artists and a year long trip.  If you'd like to know more about the Lucky 13 project you can check out more here.

This is a page I did for Donna Salazar.  Of course we can only sneak peeks as it will be published at the end of the year.  I drew a little deer and enjoyed creating with her grandson as the highlight.  Of course I used some wonderful Donna Salazar products like her heart stencil and patterned paper that we still have in our store.  Here a couple peeks.  
Know you are deer to me!  

Each Day . . . A New Beginning

Just a little art journaling and a reminder to self that . . . 

Difficulties - What They Make of Us

Sometimes life's journey can bring tough, hard, yucky stuff!  Sometimes we experience seasons of turbulent waters where we are gasping for air, just trying to keep our head above water and holding on for dear life.

Sometimes life brings trials that pierce our soul. Have you ever experienced emotions that you can almost feel physically with your heart?

I am glad I have a Captain . . . a Captain that is trustworthy and that I can rest in! A Captain that sees beyond the bow (front) of my ship. One that has a clear view, unlike the view through my eyes (often near sighted).

I also know that there are others that have gone before me on a similar journey. I am encouraged that we have crew members; folks we can call mates, that help us along the way patiently waiting out the storm with us.  

So often we avoid difficulties, steering clear of them if we can.  Difficulties are inevitable. We are bound to have times of upheaval, turbulence, and trial. Sometimes I wonder why some experience more. Sometimes it may be our own doing and other times they may be charted for us, like a responsibility handed to us.

I am learning . . . that life has many surprises.  Life is temporal. I'm grateful that I can ask my Captain to guide my life and give me rest from the storm.  The shore is my ultimate determination when my life has come to a close but until then . . . I travel a journey that sometimes brings calm seas, other times stormy ones.

Something that I keep telling myself that is sure and true . . . difficulties and trials mold us. They hurt, they are painful, but they mold us.  We have a choice too at the cross roads of difficulty, to allow them to shape us for the better or to allow them to make us bitter.  In positive ways difficulties can make us more understanding and compassionate.  They can light a fire under us that fuels us with the ability to make a change or help another. In a negative way, we can allow them to paralyze us or close us off.  No matter, positive or negative, they do mold us into who we are today.

As I'm being molded, squished, pressed, and squeezed . . . I hope and ask that I will be open to the molding transformation that difficulty has to offer.  May I learn from it; may it change me for the better; may it make me even more grateful; may it strengthen me. I seek and pray this for myself and others.  While joy and sorrow, trial and victory, walk hand in hand, they play a role in our day to day lives.  

I seek to make my journey of difficulty and purpose one that counts.  I seek to make seasons difficulty a time to sit and learn.  I seek to make times of heartache, an opportunity to be changed into a willing vessel.  Yes, it is easier said than done, but that's my desire.  I seek to be transformed. A scary statement but a brave one.

Have you learned from a difficult or challenging season? What unexpected lesson or passion did it reveal to you?  

Trust - Word of the Year Pendant and Ice Resin

  1. 1.
    firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
    "relations have to be built on trust"
  2. 2.
    confidence placed in a person by making that person the nominal owner of property to be held or used for the benefit of one or more others.
  1. 1.
    believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.
    "I should never have trusted her"
    synonyms:rely on, depend on, bank on, count on, be sure of More
  2. 2.
    allow credit to (a customer).

I was thrilled when Ice Resin shared about this new project.  You can see more here about the year long project . . . basically artists sharing, creating and wearing their 'word of the year'.  It's so important to set goals!  I love working with Ice Resin and staff!  Jen Cushman is a sweet friend and I love the folks at IR.  You can see Jen's word of the year on her blog.  

Before I share a little more about trust, I wanted to share specifically about how I created my pendant. I LOVE Iced Enamels.  First I choose a heart pendant which represents that trust comes from heart. You'll notice I used Relique Ivory Iced Enamel for the little metal piece that encases the word trust. As well ISPs ivory on the wings and crown by brushing on the Iced Enamel medium first, adding the enamel powder and then heating the piece.  On the outside of the bezel I loved adding color with Relique Turquoise Iced Enamel.  Once I had my elements in place such as the antique ledger paper for the background, chain, pearl, crown and flowers, I glued pieces in place for some stability. I filled my pendant with Ice Resin and allowed it to cure overnight. I added my wing with a strong jewelry glue for the finish!  Oh how I love my Ice Resin products.  What's your word of the year?  

My word of the year pendant will serve as a reminder to me to TRUST. . . not to worry. 

2011, 2012 and 2013 were difficult years for us!  The cancer diagnosis, while I was strengthened and found hope in the midst, it wasn't a complete cake walk (especially watching others hurt because of watching you). In 2013 we suffered a great tragedy in our family.  But that is where my word of the year comes in.  If you can't tell, my word of the year is TRUST.  

I am standing firm on my faith and trusting that difficult and dark valleys will lead us to meadows of strength and blessing.  I trust that things will be turned around for good.  I am trusting that as painful as life can be, we have a choice; to allow it to make us better or bitter.  I am trusting (and believe) that there is a bigger picture than we see just today.  I am trusting that even though life is difficult, we experience grief so we can bring hope to others.  The criwn a symbol that I am a daughter of heaven. The broken chain in my pendant . . . a reminder than when we trust God with our circumstances that there is freedom. Chains will fall when I put my trust in Him.

So I will trust, I will stand although the strong winds of life are attempting to blow me down!  I will firmly be planted and TRUST with all my might.  Here is my Word of the Year pendant reminding me to .  . . 

Ode to Spring

Ode to Spring and it's beautiful colors, sights and sounds.  I am wishing each of happy first day of Spring.  Spring comes after Winter  . . . just like seasons in life.  Maybe you're in a Winter season . . . there will be growth, there will be color, there will be sunshine . . . Spring will arrive. 

I Wish I Would Have Thought of That

Recently, I had a friend send me a very thoughtful and lovely gift.  I don't see this friend very often but she reached out and blessed me with a beautiful purse.  I absolutely love it!!!  

You see, my friend Terri Kincaid is a Miche consultant.  I had heard a little about Miche purses but had never seen one or a catalog.  She asked a couple questions of me; what color I wear often, if I like a big or small purse, etc.  Then it arrived.  It is so cute and I wanted to share.  She's a sweetheart and so thoughtful.  You can find out more here.

The way it works is that you purchase a shell and there are covers that are wrapped around the outside (strong little magnets hold the cover in place).  You can change the color, look, or texture instantly.  All I could say is . . . "I wish I would have thought of that." 

What's one thing you say, 'I wish I would have thought of that.'

Spring Forward - Glimpses of the Season

As we move our clocks forward, I thought I'd share a few glimpses of Spring in our home. How about you? Are you seeing signs of Spring?

January Lucky 13 Sneak Peek ~ My Canvas Page for Danita

I so enjoyed creating a special canvas page for Danita Art.  This was my first (January) Lucky 13 canvas for 2014.  If you're wondering about Lucky 13 . . . you can read more here about some fun artists and their year long journey.  What a beautiful gal!  I loved the pictures she sent to me . . . there's such a softness about them.  Here are some sneak peeks of the page I created for Danita.  We are providing sneak peeks because eventually this project will be published.  What fun!  I'll be sharing in the future some of the techniques I used on this canvas.

I titled the page DREAM.  Such an appropriate word for any of us . . . for 2014.  I'm hoping and wishing that Danita's dreams come true in 2014.  It's necessary to have dreams and goals.  Reach for your dreams dear ones!

Lucky 13 ~ A Year Long Adventure of 13 Artists

I'm thrilled to once again be a part of a wonderful year long journey between 13 artists.  A few years ago Elena Lai Etcheverry organized 13 artists to take an artistic journey throughout the year.  The way it worked is that each artist would send a few photos to the assigned artist that month who would then creatively house the pictures on canvas.  At the end of the year journey the 13 artists would come together and trade their pages they created for one another.  What resulted was a beautiful collection of photos documenting a year created by 12 others artists.  This collection was then published in Stampington's Somerset Memories.  What a beautiful piece of art each artist went home with . . . a collection of unique art (one mini creation from each artist). 

During our previous Lucky 13 yearly journey we've shared little tutorials and sneak peeks.  We will do the same once again but each on our own blogs.  I think you'll find this inspirational and enjoyable.  Some are familiar friends while others here are new friends I look forward to getting to know.  Here are the inspirational artists that are involved;

Elena Lai Etcheverry 

Jamie Dougherty 

Rachelle Panagarry 

Donna Salazar

Danita Art

Me  (You're Here)

Jen Cushman

Gloria Arlin King

Angela Daniels

Ken Oliver

Melissa Kennedy

Anna Dabrowska

Jennifer Priest

Stay tuned for a fun filled journey!  Will you be joining us/peeking in on us?

Pages I created . . . My cover

Pages others created for me . . . 

Page by . . . Elena

Page by Jane 

Page by Candice 


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