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A Word Found Me

Many enter the new year and choose a word that speaks to them, that holds promises for the new year, or represents something they want to accomplish. There are a ton of other reasons they chose their word.

This year I thought about choosing a word, but one just didn’t come to mind easily, until . . . A word found me. I started seeing a thread. First, I have tea very often throughout the day and use my favorite sweetener. See below. When I ran out of one bottle, I started to put it on my shopping list, but realized I had an extra I had purchased.

Then I went into Bath and Body Works and found this amazing candle holder that I love so much. I usually don’t spend on a candle holder, but this one was just up my alley.

Lastly, I was listening to a favorite country song and low and behold, it had the word that found me. Almost Home, by Craig Morgan and Jelly Roll.

What is that word? That word is HONEY. Honey is sweet, useful, and doesn’t come without hardworking bees. Here’s my take for 2024. And I want to encourage you, is a word seeking you out as we begin 2024? Just pay attention.

I want to drink in the sweetness of the new year – whether time spent with family, enjoying a well earned vacation, the gift of friendship, or anything else precious in life.

  • Honey comes from the hard work of bees. I want to take a couple more vacations in 2024. Rest a bit.
  • Creating honey takes a lot of teamwork. I’m hoping that this coming year is filled with accomplishing much with others.
  • Honey has health benefits, like the honey bottle shown above. Depending on your area, it’s good to partake of honey in your area. It helps with allergies and other things.

What’s your word of the year?

brown and black bee lot
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