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Beautiful New Creative Journey

I’m sure most of you have heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics and Skin Care. They’ve been around for 60 years. Our girl recently became a MK Beauty Consultant. I’ve so enjoyed trying their amazing product and excited to start a new journey.

Each person has their own why as to their goals when they choose a journey like this. For me . . .

    • I’m excited about the connections this new creative journey can bring.

    • I desire to lift others up and encourage one another.

    • I want to make sure that the ladies around me know that they are precious, valuable and beautiful.

    • Encourage others on their life journey, whatever that might look like.

    • I’ve always wanted to dive in a little more to cosmetics and if you’ve been here before, you probably know I’m a Creative. I’m thrilled about infusing some fun creativity in this journey.
    • I love the quality, innovation, and reputation of the product. I also love the fact that you can try, before you buy, by sampling an item. 

So stay tuned. Whether or not you’re interested in the products, we are going to have some fun, make connections, and learn and grow together. Some of you may admire Mary Kay Ash, as a pioneer and amazing woman. She really was a lady that encouraged women, made them feel special, empowered them and was she was intelligent.

I’m not into pressuring sales, just an opportunity to explore the product, participate or view some creative and fun activities, and learn together.

As always, I’m sending warmest wishes. Thank you for being here and for the beauty you bring into my life.

If you’d like to check out my Mary Kay website, you can find it HERE.

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