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    I am Grateful for Reflection

    Dina Wakley’s Challenge this month is “I am Grateful for Reflection.” So true . . . there is certainly some good time at the moment with staying home to reflect. I have been reflecting on the future, how I can have an impact, how I can bring encouragement to others, and more. It’s so important to reflect in order to learn, grow, and to look to the future. I wonder what you’re reflecting upon. Even though things can look bleak, I do hope that you are reflecting on things that bring you encouragement and hope for the future. Warmest creative wishes,

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    Grateful for Smiles ~ Art Journal Page

    I’m wondering if we took advantage of smiles from strangers in the past? Now, under a mask, we need to smile with our eyes, so to speak. Either way, there are ways we can convey a greeting such as a nod , a little wave, or a wink (if appropriate). I don’t know how many of you participate in the Ranger/Dina Wakley challenge. Each month both on Dina and Ranger’s website a prompt is posted. The challenge is to use the prompt and create with Dina Wakley media. You can create a tag, page, or anything. Post it with specific hashtags they provide. This month’s prompt is “I’m grateful for…

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    Staying Grounded – Thoughts and an Art Journal Page

    Oh these days . . . the world can be distracting, busy, loud, uncertain sometimes, and more. It’s so important to ‘Stay Grounded.’ For me, staying grounded includes practicing my faith, believing and knowing that in the end it will all be okay. Being grounded includes enjoying art, and loving those put in my life. It’s a weird and wild world out there right now. Staying grounded is so vital. What does staying grounded look like for you? Here a few more thoughts on being grounded . . . Being Present. Warmest Creative Wishes,

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    Art Journaling & Perspective

    The world is full of different perspectives, especially right now. An art journaling page, some sketching and a reminder to me that we are all coming from different experiences, places, backgrounds, and perspectives. Knowing this, let’s be patient with one another. Products used on these pages: Pink Fresh Washi which I actually purchased at Stamp Fever for you locals Gel Press (Hexagon Shape) Warmest creative wishes to you friends,

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    Be Silly

    Especially today, right now, there is a lot of stress in life. There’s worry about a pandemic, and the future. There’s strife about politics. Several tasks that used to be fun or relaxing are now work or a ‘chore.’ With all the stuff going on in life . . . it’s good to be a little silly sometimes. I created the below art journal page as a reminder of the importance of being silly and carefree. As adults I think we get caught up at times in having so much responsibility and forget to let loose a little. Run in the sprinklers, enjoy some ice cream, play a funny game…

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    Beautiful Differences – An Art Journal Entry

    Dina Wakley does an art journal challenge titled “Show Us Your Media.” This month the challenge is . . . “I’m grateful for color.” I was thinking about the beauty of the different colors – the orange, pinks and reds of a sunset or the shades of green on the coast of Ireland. The blues of an ocean or lake, and the variety of colors found in flowers. Just like the contrasts of colors found in nature, so it is with us as humans. We are each unique with a special DNA, personality, gifts, talents, skin tone, hair color and more. If we were all the same, what a boring…

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    Be Wise – Lil’ Butterfly

    I created this art journal layout as a reminder that all that goes into my mind, effects my heart. Being careful of what we do with that we let in is so important, and plays a role on our health, our well-being, and on those around us. This page resonated with me, and I’ve also shared some thoughts below. People are people. We are all humans and there’s a certain dignity and respect we should show one another as mere humans. There is a bigger perspective. So often we see things just from our experiences and upbringing. There is a bigger view than just ours. Yes, there’s a bigger and…

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    A Good Distraction

    I find art journaling brings me a great and creative distraction. Maybe it’s a moment away from all the happenings in the world, or maybe just using my hands. Either way, I find it encouraging and therapeutic. Life for all as a nation and world , hasn’t been easy lately. I want to encourage you to do something that calms your spirit and is therapeutic. I used the following supplies on the above art journal spread; Dina Wakley Gloss Spray (Lime, Cheddar, Turquoise, White) Tim Holtz Distress Crayon (Tumbled Glass) Misc. Dotted Stencil (Recollections) Deli Paper Sponge Black Permanent Pen Here’s a quick how to on the above pages: Page…