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Beautiful Differences – An Art Journal Entry

Dina Wakley does an art journal challenge titled “Show Us Your Media.” This month the challenge is . . . “I’m grateful for color.” I was thinking about the beauty of the different colors – the orange, pinks and reds of a sunset or the shades of green on the coast of Ireland. The blues of an ocean or lake, and the variety of colors found in flowers.

Just like the contrasts of colors found in nature, so it is with us as humans. We are each unique with a special DNA, personality, gifts, talents, skin tone, hair color and more. If we were all the same, what a boring world we would live in. We wouldn’t be able to learn anything or experience something new. Life would be stagnate. What a beautiful thing differences are.

I created the art journaling page below reflecting the above thoughts.

Here’s what I used on this page. Looking for the same product? Feel free to click on each item.

Fuchsia Gloss Spray
Lemon Gloss Spray
Love this versatile die by Jane Davenport. A fav.

Other items used; Crafters Workshop stencil, Gel plate, Deli paper, date stamp, and a bit of a dictionary page.

Wishing all a great day. I hope that you can experience something beautiful today.

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