Thoughts and feelings on the challenges and gifts of life.

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    Staying Grounded – Thoughts and an Art Journal Page

    Oh these days . . . the world can be distracting, busy, loud, uncertain sometimes, and more. It’s so important to ‘Stay Grounded.’ For me, staying grounded includes practicing my faith, believing and knowing that in the end it will all be okay. Being grounded includes enjoying art, and loving those put in my life. It’s a weird and wild world out there right now. Staying grounded is so vital. What does staying grounded look like for you? Here a few more thoughts on being grounded . . . Being Present. Warmest Creative Wishes,

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    10 Ways to Use Stickles Glitter Gels – #9 and #10

    Ranger’s fantastic luminous medium; Stickles Glitter Gel is so versatile. I’ve shared in the past 8 ways and here are the last two for a total of 10 ways to use this amazing medium. Missed some of the ways? Check back on the former blog posts. Without further ado . . . here’s the last two ideas I have for you on how to add some sparkle to your crafting. Use the gel as a paint to brighten up an embellishment, dish or a pot. Use it like paint. It is thick but if you use a painting spatula you can place the Glitter Gel on the item and then…

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    Art Journaling & Perspective

    The world is full of different perspectives, especially right now. An art journaling page, some sketching and a reminder to me that we are all coming from different experiences, places, backgrounds, and perspectives. Knowing this, let’s be patient with one another. Products used on these pages: Pink Fresh Washi which I actually purchased at Stamp Fever for you locals Gel Press (Hexagon Shape) Warmest creative wishes to you friends,

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    Organizing – With What You Have

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money to purchase a large organization cabinet with all the bells and whistles or to redo every container to match. Would I like to, yes, but I’m being real here. Getting your art studio or creative space organized with what you have or inexpensive options can boost creativity and productivity. I think if I had the choice and won the lottery tomorrow, I just might purchase a bit of a better system but I’d keep it eclectic and where I could see it. I do like my system now, it’s just it could always use improvement. But one of the…

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    Be Wise – Lil’ Butterfly

    I created this art journal layout as a reminder that all that goes into my mind, effects my heart. Being careful of what we do with that we let in is so important, and plays a role on our health, our well-being, and on those around us. This page resonated with me, and I’ve also shared some thoughts below. People are people. We are all humans and there’s a certain dignity and respect we should show one another as mere humans. There is a bigger perspective. So often we see things just from our experiences and upbringing. There is a bigger view than just ours. Yes, there’s a bigger and…

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    A Good Distraction

    I find art journaling brings me a great and creative distraction. Maybe it’s a moment away from all the happenings in the world, or maybe just using my hands. Either way, I find it encouraging and therapeutic. Life for all as a nation and world , hasn’t been easy lately. I want to encourage you to do something that calms your spirit and is therapeutic. I used the following supplies on the above art journal spread; Dina Wakley Gloss Spray (Lime, Cheddar, Turquoise, White) Tim Holtz Distress Crayon (Tumbled Glass) Misc. Dotted Stencil (Recollections) Deli Paper Sponge Black Permanent Pen Here’s a quick how to on the above pages: Page…

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    Using Recyclables In Your Art

    The below art journaling page is made from scraps and some paint. I am always picking up things off the ground that have rusty goodness or a look of old to them. I’m always keeping an eye out for things that have had a prior life or purpose and using them in art. I make sure I clean my hands and the item after collecting it, but recycling, or ‘upcycling’ is something can be fun and make your pages unique. I’m thinking more art journal here, but below are some items you could upcycle; Some things I’ve collected along the way and used include; Metal pieces that are rusty (can…

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    Joy . . . sometimes it comes easy and other times, not so much. In today’s world, there are a lot of voices, noise, chaos, differences, and more. Many of us are hunkered down due to a pandemic. Maybe you aren’t feeling very joyful about what’s taking place. When I am having moments where joy isn’t on the forefront, there are a couple of practices that always seem to help bring joy. Focus on gratitude – make a list (either in your head, on paper or in an art journal). It helps you to look outside your circumstances. Unplug and enjoy nature. It brings a lot of peace and joy…

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    Be Devoted to Love

    I’m not sure I’ve seen a more needed time to ‘be devoted to love.’ During these unprecedented times, we all need love! It’s hard sometimes when I see sad, horrible things taking place. There is a lot of emotion for all of us. But I do desire to ‘be devoted to love’ over differences, over opinions, or political stances, sorrow and more. Love crosses all boundaries and always wins. Supplies Used: Handmade Paper . . . more HERE. Dina Wakley Acrylic Heavy Body Paint (Magenta) Dina Wakley Washi Tape Dina Wakley Gloss Spray (Lime) Dina Wakley Gesso Tim Holtz Distress Crayon (White Picket Fence) Stamp Punchinella Search me, God, and…