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Downloadable Collage Fodder from my Hands to Yours

A couple years ago I had the idea to take some favorite bits and pieces and scan them, in order for me to use them again and again in journals. There are just some created and found things that you’ll never be able to duplicate.

Since folks are talking so much about creating ‘collage fodder,’ I thought I’d share my downloadable fodder from a couple years ago. There’s some cardboard I painted, tags I created, pages I drew and colored, and even some vintage wallpaper bits that I loved. I just wanted to share with you. Enjoy. Feel free to download and use for ‘personal use.’ Remember too, no need to always use the whole piece. Rather you can use a portion . . . cut out a word, or a portion of the image.

See the downloads towards the bottom of the post but here’s what the downloads look like. Print them on cardstock or deli paper for use in your journals.

If you decide to create with these, would you be so kind as to tag me? I’d love to see what you create and how you were inspired. Feel free to tag me at artyschick2 on IG or on Facebook HERE.

Looking for more fodder ideas to use in your journals? You might enjoy THIS post.

Warmest creative wishes,


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