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A Girl Named Copper Gel Press Print

I love soft hues and as many of you know, I love my Gel Press plates. Oh the creative possibilities are endless. I even love the smell of a new Gel Press plate. Sounds weird, but true. It’s like the feeling you got as a kid when you opened and smelled a new can of playdoh. I’m excited to share the below video with you. If you like what you see, please feel free to share with others and subscribe.

Recently I was in the craft store and found this stencil and printmaking paint, but it was called a creme. I thought to myself, I wonder how that would react on a Gel Press plate. Oh to my delightful surprise, I love it. It added texture, dried at a good speed, and allowed me to pull texture from my plate. I originally had picked up a couple of colors to play with and after my experiment, went back to get a three more. They were on sale. I’m in love.

A Girl Named Copper Gel Press Print 1

So I encourage you . . . whatever it is . . . try something new.

A Girl Named Copper 2
A Girl Named Copper Gel Press Print 3
Gel Press Print Using Texture Paste
Using new creme paint as texture on my Gel Press Plate

Warmest creative wishes!

A DIY video using the Gel Press plate and a new texture creme/paint. A soft palette, can still be used for Fall.

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