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    Diving into the Word – Summer Bible Journaling

    The Summer is all about diving into activities, a change in weather and all it has to offer, the swimming pool and more. Recently I’ve been working on getting healthier and the good weather that Summer brings helps with this process. I’ve been taking an Aqua Fit class that’s fun and beneficial. I was thinking about Bible Journaling and how it too is diving in but having fun! Diving into the Word of God to touch and guide our hearts and fun because Bible journaling is a fresh way to record what God is sharing with you in the margins of your Bible. I see Bible journaling also as a…

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    Laguna’s Art Festival

    I have never taken for granted the blessing of growing up and being surrounded by an art culture here in Orange County, California. You find art everywhere and in every culture. It is however, a treat to have grown up minutes away from Laguna Beach where artists reside, amazing galleries are open for viewing year round, and Laguna Beach’s Art Festival takes place year after year during the months of June through August. This Festival includes the world renown Pageant of the Masters (which I usually attend each year), the Sawdust Art Festival, Art A Fair and more. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to events.…

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    Time for Change

    It’s hard to put yourself out there whether it be your art, the vulnerability of sharing a hurt or a journey. If you know me, I usually wear my heart on my sleeve and live pretty out loud. Well, I will be entering into a weight loss journey and I plan to share it with you. I may share photos or through art journaling. Either way, you are a part of my circle of support. It’s an embarrassing one that I’ve allowed myself to get to this point but I’m leaving the shame behind and embracing change. I hope to learn and change the way I think about food. I…

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    brave /brāv/ adjective 1.ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage:”a brave soldier”synonyms:courageous, fearless, valiant, valorous, … noun 1.a North American Indian warrior. verb 1.endure or face (unpleasant conditions or behavior) without showing fear:”we had to brave the full heat of the sun” In case you need a reminder from Winnie the Pooh, “Always remember you are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think.” Warmest creative wishes,

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    ‘Queen Bee of Brave’ Tag

    Went junk’in with the hubby on Sunday. We also made sure that we visited the ‘Bee Lady’ while we were at the flea market. The Bee Lady (not even sure that’s the business name) carries local honey. She also carries many types of honey infused with other things like pear and other fruit. The hubby uses local honey to often to help combat his allergies. While junk’in, I found some amazing old toy blocks (you’ll see those in the future), some cute mini lanterns that are rusty with the cutest stained glass cover. In addition to those treasures I found these darling vintage stamps so I decided to create a…

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    Peak Creative Time For You

    I’ve always been s night owl however after going through breast cancer treatment a few years ago, I found that my body can’t stay up that long anymore. Even though this is true, I still find that the peak creative time for me is in the stillness of the night when all is quiet expect for my imagination.  In fact, sometimes it’s hard to turn off. After being sick for several days and having a lot on my mind, I enjoyed the quite prayerful creative time to watercolor and doodle. I loved watching how the colors fell on the watercolor tin and n the paper. The hues when mixed made…

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    Artists that Inspire

    I know when I’m with creative like minded friends and people, it’s like these little sparks go off and ignite a great creative fire. There is so much inspiration in this world and so many different kinds of art. I am inspired by a variety of different artists that use different mediums. These are a few. Eda Kaban is a favorite with her whimsical fun characters and scenes from life. You can find some of her work HERE. Eda Kaban Dennis Wunsch is a personal and dear friend and former next door neighbor. Dennis is an award winning illustrator who has been featured in articles, magazines, books and advertising. His…

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    Planning in 2019

    Bo Bennett said, ‘A dream becomes a goal when action is taken.’ So true! This year I chose to go with a smaller planner that I could tote to work or around town. I chose the Jane Davenport Planner as I love teal! I really try and make it my own and add little mixed media elements throughout the year. I thought I’d share with you some sights from my planner for January. Whether you’re a planner or not, I encourage you to write your dreams and goals down! Sending warmest creative wishes,

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    Fun Activities on New Year’s Eve

    For the last several years we head to one of my dearest friends home and play games until we countdown the new year. We then make some noise, toast with apple cider and we pray for the coming year. It’s a precious time with friends. This year I will be at home with a quiet evening with hubby recuperating from the flu. I am grateful however it’s just the flu and this too shall pass. I have a new blog banner up and I have some goals set to attempt to accomplish. I was thinking over the years all the fun games and laughs we’ve had. I thought I’d list…

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    Create It Your Way

    I so admire ladies who have perfect planners or make perfect cards. I’m not like that. I’m more of a shabby mixed media girl. I just try to embrace the imperfection and go with it. I encourage you to do the same to. Be you, create it your way and be completely fine with it. Here are a couple of cards I created with not a lot of ‘perfection.’ Same technique, slightly different, and hoping they bring some joy to their recipients.  Warmest Creative Wishes,