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    Brave Girl Art ~ Displaying Truth

    While at the Brave Girl Symposium I had an opportunity to create some ‘Truth Tags’ and thought I’d share them with you. Having reminders of light and love throughout the house can be uplifting. I taped my tags together to create a little accordion formation that stands.  You can create your own truth tags with any surface including paper, cardboard, chipboard, etc. Stamp or cut out words and images that speak to you. Color, paint, and decorate your tags.  Remember, you are loved. Warmest creative wishes,

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    The Real You – In Art

    While I’ve been healing, I’ve been going through Melody Ross’ course called The Walk. It has been amazing to help walk through some things that might get us stuck in life or to creatively put truth down on paper so that you can be reminded of what to listen to . . . the Truth. We all need that reminder sometimes. I’ve spent some time drawing, sketching, etc. while also pondering. One of the exercises is to journal what we know about ourselves. See images below of my page which folds out of a book that Melody encourages us to create. There are maps which help us walk through things…

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    The Walk – A Special Journey and Course

    On The Walk of life it really does make a difference what paths we choose, what we take with us, what we leave behind, who we take with us, what we tell ourselves as we travel and more. I’ve been off for about three weeks with some foot surgery and my time is wrapping up before I head back to work. I haven’t fully recuperated but enough to go back to work. After healing for a couple weeks, I chose to go through Melody Ross’ course, ‘The Walk.’ I had gone through the videos before which are awesome but didn’t take the time to do the course work. It’s one…

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    Soul Words ~ A Quick Healthy Soul Exercise

    Working full-time I realize I need to get some Soul Nourishment in before my day starts because once I get to work it’s 0 – 60 in no time flat. My day gets going at a busy pace so making sure I take a break some days is a necessity. That brings me to a soul nourishing exercise that is quick, easy and refreshing. The Exercise: In the image below I’ve listed some soul words. Simply take a planner (your current one or an old one), journal, or even a sheet of paper and say the word out loud. Write the word on your paper and then ponder what that…

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    Amazing Brave Girl Soul Restoration Course Coming Your Way

    Hello dear ones, On this Labor Day, I’d like to share something near to my heart.  Speaking of labor, life can be hard at times.  It can be painful (a different kind of labor) but it can also be victorious. Some of you know about Brave Girl Soul Restoration and some of you don’t.  I wanted to take a minute to share as this week the revised Soul Restoration course will be released on-line at Brave Girl University.  I had the blessing many years ago to be a part of a beginning of the Brave Girl movement.  I went to the second camp and there Melody shared with us about our ‘soul…

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    National Scrapbook Day Wrap Up and Giveaway

    Some of you probably celebrated the crafters holiday; National Scrapbook Day on May 7th. I hope it was filled with craft, art, color and friends.  I spent the day with a lovely group of ladies. I worked on some mixed media projects, shared some Fiskars love and I did my ‘Brave Girl’ make and take once again to introduce participants to the wonderful wOrleans of Brave Girl University. It was a blast. Check out the photos of the day as well as a little birthday celebration in the evening. I’d like to giveaway a kit to make your own little Brave Girl’ complete with a couple of vintage paper dolls, a sheet of cute paper doll…

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    Be You. Bravely

    It’s been a while since my last post and for good reason.  I returned from Idaho and an amazing Brave Girl University teacher retreat.  Shortly after that on a Sunday night, I began to experience some internal bleeding and a lot of pain.  It landed me in the hospital for three days with ulcers and then rest for an additional four days after that.  So I’ve been a little MIA but I’ve been doing some extra resting and returning to normal. I wanted to share a few thoughts on Being You . . . Bravely.  I’ve been thinking on this often.  As many of you know, I have a teenage…