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Enjoy the Beauty Close to Home

Recently, my hubby and I headed to the beach early one Saturday morning. Of course we love the beach. I grew up in Sunny Southern California and remember my first Boogie board, meeting friends at the beach, family dinners at the Spaghetti Factory in Newport, the Fun Zone at Balboa, Balboa bars, skating, flying a kite, sailing at least 2-3x a week during high school, and more. My husband has lived in California now for several years and enjoys the beach as well. He enjoys walking the shores, early morning quiet, fishing, and more.

With that being said, we headed down to Newport. If you’ve never been to Dory’s Landing, it’s an icon in Newport Beach, but you must get there early. Fresh fish and shellfish are caught each morning. Some people start to line up at 4 am to get their hands on huge crab and shrimp. It’s the fresh catch of the day! There are even times you can find ‘rare fish.’ They will clean the fish for you and filet as you wish.

After a nice walk and some beautiful views, we enjoyed breakfast and Dory’s Deli. If you’re visiting, I highly recommend it! Excellent and an array of great choices.

Enjoy the beauty close to home. If you live in the woods, near the beach, by a river, or in the mountains, take a moment and enjoy the sights that make your area unique. Maybe that’s enjoying cultural food, unique crafts, or amazing scenery. Look at the colors around you! Whatever that looks like, I hope you take a moment to relish in it.

I thought I’d share some shots with you.

Warmest creative wishes to you!


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