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Precious Time – Precious Moments

Oh life’s bittersweet moments. Our girl graduated from college on Friday, May 20. She’s had some amazing experiences in her college years and now is off to start something new in a different state. We are so incredibly proud of her. Her hard work, dedication and passion has been evident in these college years.

This transition has hit me a little harder than others. High school to college was fun. It was a little hard on the heart, but a lot of fun. This time she’s an adult who is flying the coop. She is incredible and will do amazing things. There will be less daily interaction though. Less late night talks. But again, so happy for this new adventure which I know she will embrace.

One day the three of us (hubby, daughter and I) went to Cal Poly to get some graduation photos. It was a fun day; it was a bit hot, but full of smiles. I took some photos of her around campus while dad drove. I thought I’d share a few of those moments we captured.

So you take the bitter with the sweet and cherish the moments you had. You take the time and relish it.

We aren’t promised tomorrow, so live each day to the fullest!

Warmest creative wishes,


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