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Giving Grace

Emotions are high and some are feeling fear, anger, or frustration. I have been thinking a lot about grace and how people need it. I’ve been trying to extend a little more grace than normal keeping in mind that we all need a little extra during these times. Our world looks so different and we are having to adapt and deal with so much.

I created the below tag with grace in mind. Be a sweetheart to others maybe when they don’t deserve it. I’m not talking extending grace to people who might be unkind, but rather the person who cuts you off on the roadway or is rude at the store. We are all dealing with so much. A little grace can go a long way and help both parties involved. I’m praying I can practice what I preach.

I love the oxidation underneath this little focal point. Yum.
The Distress Glaze allowed some of the script stamp to remain directly on the page and other parts of it on top of other medium.
Ode to the Distress Embossing Glaze and that Speckled Egg color – oh my, right up my alley.

Products Used Include:

As well as some fabric scraps and a vintage scroll stamp.

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Warmest creative wishes,

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