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Ode to the Power of Community

I’ve been a little MIA here on the blog but thought I’d share why.

A dear friend and co-worker was diagnosed with lung cancer about a year and a half ago.  She has been such a fighter.  She has never smoked and lived a pretty healthy life.  The cancer metastasized and has spread everywhere.  She’s currently on hospice and I’ve been spending time attempting to be a support to her and her family.  In fact, her work family has been amazing rallying around Joel.  She is a single mom of two wonderful boys; ages 9 and 14.  Oh the heart!

It’s been amazing to see the outpouring of love and support (on and off line) from family, friends and even those that don’t know her.  A gofundme account was started and doing well to help with expenses and also for the boys.  You can find her story here . . .

Joel’s Cancer Fight * Our Support

I wanted to share with you a recent post I did that I feel applies anywhere.

When we band together for a cause, a person or a circumstance . . . community is powerful.  You have been my community in some valleys!  Thank you for that!  What a beautiful reminder of those who have stood next to me!  I’m forever grateful.  What is stirring your heart right now?

Ode to the Power of Community.

com·mu·ni·ty can be defined as a group of people having common interests. It can also be defined as sharing, participation, and fellowship.

Community brings unity. Community gives. It fights for those who can’t. Community walks with those who are journeying through a deep valley. It stands up for causes and loved ones so dear to the heart, it turns love into action. Community is remarkable and amazing! Community combines personalities, gifts, talents, ideas and resources which have a great impact. While one person can’t do it all, a community can come together to do incredible things never thought possible. It motivates and elevates. It offers a softer landing for those in need. Community reaches across all kinds of lines and boundaries and says, “I’m going to make a difference.’

Whether or not you realize it, you are a beautiful community that have come together with a common interest; our loved one Joel Styring Whitehill and her family. You may know her well. You may know her as an acquaintance. You may know her special boys or another family member. You may not know her at all.

But you are a community that is making a difference for Joel and her boys. Your generosity, your gifts, your thoughts, prayers, love, care and concern have surrounded this family and ‘made a difference!’

On behalf of the family, I cannot thank you enough. Over $12,000. This is love! This is powerful! This is impact!

Thank you for continuing to keep Joel and family in your prayers and thoughts. Thank you for continuing to share Joel’s story. These last few days have been difficult ones. She needs your love and prayers so please keep them coming.

You as a community continue to be a driving and loving force! You have exceeded goals! You have believed and you have loved greatly! Thank you!

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