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Time for Change

It’s hard to put yourself out there whether it be your art, the vulnerability of sharing a hurt or a journey. If you know me, I usually wear my heart on my sleeve and live pretty out loud. Well, I will be entering into a weight loss journey and I plan to share it with you. I may share photos or through art journaling. Either way, you are a part of my circle of support. It’s an embarrassing one that I’ve allowed myself to get to this point but I’m leaving the shame behind and embracing change. I hope to learn and change the way I think about food.

I was inspired by my best friend Kathy. I saw her shrink during her weight loss journey. She is now my coach on this special journey.

One of the key principles when entering into a journey of change is envisioning the change. I’ll be art journaling about that one.

Thank you for the love and support you always show me! You are an amazing circle of support. I am so very grateful. If you’d like to share what area you’d like to see change, I’m listening. I’d love to know and and keep you close to my thoughts and in my prayers.

I meant to post this last week but it was a little crazy. Update – First week, I’m down nine pounds.

Warmest creative wishes,

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  • Teri Ives

    Well first off be happy for you and how you are no matter what. Weight gain is just part of life and it does not have to be a negative thing. It certain comes on due to health issues, depression, medications stress etc. too! Don’t let others make you feel bad. One can be be healthy and happy with a little extra just saying. Good luck

    • artsychick

      Thank you Teri. You are so right. I’m confident in who I am now but I feel like I need to get this weight off for health reasons. Even the cancer has a chance of coming back with obesity. Thank you for your sweet words! I agree with you. I think some excess is always good to have, especially if you get sick. xoxo Thank you for your sweet support!

  • Judi Gaines

    So proud of you, Cheryl (and Kathy!) The 2 of you are an amazing duo, whatever the challenge. I know you will succeed! Sending lots of love and hugs to you both!