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Thanksgiving Every Day

Well, November has taken me by some surprise with the busyness especially at work.  But nonetheless, the holidays are upon us.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving and while I shared a few thanksgiving messages elsewhere, I didn’t do so here.  But every day should be celebrated with Thanksgiving shouldn’t it?  I hope yours was beautiful and meaningful.  Know I’m so grateful for each of you; your love, support, your blessing!

Did you break tradition this year or keep it?  Our tradition was a family dinner on the day however as families moved to other parts of the states and families within our family grew . . . we started our own tradition.  For the last I believe 7 years Knott’s Berry Farm offers a wonderful treat to law enforcement and military (past and present).  So we’ve eaten at Mrs. Knott’s for dinner and enjoyed the park.  I grew up across the street from Knott’s and remember Mr. and Mrs. Knott (Walter and Cordelia).  I went to Walter Knott and have some great memories there.  Today (Friday) we celebrate with as much family as we can and have dinner.

No matter what . . . enjoying family, special foods and friends is the best.  I hope each of you had a beautiful day!  Tradition or not.

Below, Thanksgiving Circa 1973 – not everyone included but fun I ran across it today nonetheless.


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