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    Back to Creating in my Planner

    I picked up a MAMBI Happy Planner last year and I love it. I got a deal on it. I started really planning and keeping my appointments, birthdays, events, etc. recorded in my planner earlier this year. Then I got sick with pneumonia. But I’m back to planning, creating, and decorating. I find that planning in your planner can help your outlook for the future, even if they are small things or reminders. I thought I’d share some images from past layouts earlier this year and the current month of July (not finished yet). The weather in California has been heating up in July so I pulled out the sweet…

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    Planning at Work

    I have a planner dedicated to home; chores, appointments and more. I also have a planner at work that I keep track of my projects, lists, to dos and more. I just thought I’d share with you the planner I have dedicated for work. I created all the clips and shakers you see with the exception of the Starbucks clip. I just thought I’d share. Being organized can be fun and pretty. Do you have a planner dedicated for work? Do you have a planner dedicated specifically to a certain aspect of your life? Warmest Creative Wishes,

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    Planning for a Full Life

    Sometimes with life you feel as if you go from 0-60 in no time flat and the road takes a big turn.  Well, that’s a bit what my life looks like currently. In the last 5 months, I’ve had some major events take place. I’ve sadly lost some dear loved ones that were a daily part of my life We moved our girl to Montana for school which was exciting and hard at the same time.  We are now empty nesters I celebrated my five year cancer free mark A wonderful family wedding took place in Santa Barbara We made a move and now mom, hubby and I live together…

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    The Planner Society Crop Recap

    Hello all, Its been exactly a week since I attended the Planner Society Crop.  You probably saw a ton of photos surrounding this fun time.  It had been quite a while since I had seen Christy and what an amazing venue to attend.  This event was so much about amazing product and projects for your planner, giveaways, new friends and old, shopping, swag, swaps (planner gifts and planner goodies) and most importantly, investing in one another’s lives. What an amazing community the planner community is.  Oh the friendships that were made!  Absolutely precious.  Since photos are worth a thousand words, I wanted to share several photos from this past weekend. …

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    My Planner, My Friend Part 1

    Creative planners have been all the rage these last couple years.  In many ways I’ve kept a creative planner for many years.  I have tried putting appointments on my phone, tried electronic planners but they’ve never worked for me.  I like seeing what needs to be done.  I like to have it right in front of me. For years I’ve been doodling in my planner so it was natural when this became a craze . . . I embraced it.  I thought I’d give you a peek into my creative planner.  It keeps me on track, keeps me sane and I feel is like a faithful friend.   I thought I’d…