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Busy but Still Making Time for Creating

It’s been a busy few weeks. This past weekend alone we had two birthdays (mine and my husband’s, Mother’s Day) and have another big milestone birthday (my sister). It’s been a week of celebrating.

Things have been busy both at work and home but nonetheless, I’ve continued to make time for creativity and art journaling. Here are a few things I’ve been up to.

How about you? Finished any projects lately?

Remember it’s important to make time to create.

Created a birthday tag for my art journal. Her name is Beulah. I had an Aunt Beulah once. Notice the pedi. 🙂

Creating more Fodder and dying some paper and material. Fun! Love that Indigo!

And an art journaling page using a drawing I did turned into stencil and a Gel Press print. I love the crunching sound it makes since it’s printed on Deli paper. I even pulled out my sewing machine for some of these projects. This is a min-book I created with Eileen Hulls awesome journal dies. Just getting to fill the book.

Warmest creative wishes,


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