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Easy Sweet Crafted Candy Canes

Need a quick mini gift or something to beautify the top of a gift? Here is a quick, fun, inexpensive idea. 

What you’ll need: Chenille pipe cleaners in red and white, a pair of scissors, Smooch Spritz (I used Spun Sugar – one of my favorite colors), scrap piece of fabric, safety pin, small ‘shipping’ tag and some plastic to cover your area.

The How To: Take red pipe cleaner and wrap it diagonally around the white pipe cleaner until used up. Trim the excess. Bend your red/white striped pipe cleaners into a candy cane shape. It doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact if it’s not, it gives it some charm. Next lay some plastic down on your ‘work’ surface. Spray Smooch Spritz on the candy cane/pipe cleaners. Soak up the excess Smooch Spritz by running the cane through the puddles of Smooch Spritz. Allow to dry. Bunch them up if you’d like (I have five shown in the picture). Tie together with fabric scrap. Write ‘Candy Canes’ on a small ‘shipping’ tag and attach with a safety pin to the fabric. Gift as a gift, top on present or keep for yourself as a decoration. 

Easy peasy and cute. I hope you’re enjoying the season. 

Warmest creative and winter wishes,  


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