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Breast Cancer Awareness and My Journey Thus Far

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago.  I have not fought alone!  In fact, my uniform of the day states just that.  You have lifted, encouraged, supported, given, loved so much and I cannot begin to thank you.  You are an amazing force of support!

I’m so saddened to say that in the last six months I have lost two friends to cancer.  I have another that is fighting hard.  Cancer touches all of us.

With October being ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month, I wanted to share something I found that I thought was good information.  Recently a dear family member was called back for a closer look at a mass and thankfully it was benign.  I did think this was super information for you ladies, or men for your wives or mothers or for a friend.

If You’re Called Back (Click Here)

Celebrating each day as a gift!

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