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Turn Up the Music

Creativity is an amazing commodity in today’s world. I worked with a fellow artist for many years who helped forge a break through in fighting cancer. You see, science and math are not the only things that can help ‘find a cure’ or develop the next amazing invention. ‘Out of the box’ thinkers and Creatives also play a key role in solving problems or developing something that will enhance our lives.

We all play a role. Some of us are mathematians, others artists, still others are good with fixing things. If you’re like me, I’m not a great mathematian, however I am creative. Like I shared, creativity has great value as well. So what are some ways we can increase creativity?

In the 90’s there’s a famous study called the ‘Mozart Effect’ which showed that listening to happy, touching, catchy, and cheerful music enhanced creativity and cognitive ability. Isn’t that interesting?

I enjoy listening to music when I’m creating. How about you? What about when you need to come up with some ideas for an event or project at work. Might I encourage you to take a break and listen to some upbeat music to get those ideas flowing.

I’ve heard others ask how they get out of a creative rut. Well, one way is to ‘Turn Up the Music.’

A few of my favorite upbeat catchy tunes for me include . . .

These are just a few. Do you you have a few favorites? I might encourage you the next time that you need creativity to strike, make a playlist of upbeat, catching, emotion evoking songs and turn up the volume!

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