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    Artsy Findings E-Magazine – Issue Two

    So much has happened in a couple of months. I hope each of you are doing well despite the challenges we are facing right now. Please take a moment for yourself, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the read. See Artsy Findings E-Magazine Issue Two. Feel free to share the link with another that you think may enjoy as well. This is a gift from me to you. I hope it brings you hope, inspiration, and well-being.

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    Organizing – With What You Have

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money to purchase a large organization cabinet with all the bells and whistles or to redo every container to match. Would I like to, yes, but I’m being real here. Getting your art studio or creative space organized with what you have or inexpensive options can boost creativity and productivity. I think if I had the choice and won the lottery tomorrow, I just might purchase a bit of a better system but I’d keep it eclectic and where I could see it. I do like my system now, it’s just it could always use improvement. But one of the…

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    Vintage Inspired Organization

    While I’m a very creative person, I do like to have order to the madness of art supplies, personal items, clothes, etc. I find that if I see it, I’ll use it more often. One thing I enjoy is finding ways to use vintage items to keep order and stay organized.  I love scarves and hats of all kinds. Recently I wanted to bring my scarves out of a small drawer and into the open so I could see them. I found this mini ladder and thought it was perfect to display and organize my scarves. I love the outcome. How about you . . . what is something you’d…