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Color Wheel of Life – Gel Press & How we are Similar

I was thinking the other day about mankind in general. We are at a time in our world, maybe more our nation, where we seem so divided. I thought about a color wheel and how it relates to people. I had this idea of a color wheel using my gel press prints. Some of the gel prints I’ve made in the past, I’ve scanned at home, then taken them to Kinko’s/Fed Ex to get some copies made to use them at a later time.

The color wheel represented here, or simply a color wheel, has differences of course. A color wheel has different hues, pigment, etc. The color wheel also has similarities. The color wheel wouldn’t be complete without one of the colors. Secondary colors need primary colors, and so forth.

Isn’t a color wheel like people in some ways? The color wheel you see here has different patterns and unique shades of color. They were all made in a similar fashion by one creator. They all have similarities, although they have differences.

We as people, we as Americans, are all so different. We come from different backgrounds, upbringing, religions, beliefs, and more. But we are also very similar. Some things we do have in common as human kind include;

  • The ability to love
  • We all bleed the same color
  • We all have the ability to achieve things
  • We all have the opportunity to use our experiences to impact the lives around us (for good or otherwise)
  • Most of us have the ability to touch, see, hear, taste, experience, etc.
  • We have feelings and emotions
  • We all need sleep, rest and exercise
  • We all have the ability to choose

There are so many things we have in common. I want to focus on that. Remembering the color wheel, I want to remember that we all have differences, and that is a beautiful thing! We also have so many things in common that should indeed unite us. That too is a beautiful thing!

Yellows, Oranges and Browns
The Blues and Greens

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Wishing you warmest creative wishes,


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  • Alison Heikkila

    I love this for SO many reasons. First, I just love the color wheel in general, and yours is just gorgeous. Second I agree with everything you’ve said here, and I wish more people thought like you do. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to share your post, because it’s so worth the read. ?

  • Eileen

    I love how you think Cheryl. This is beautiful- just like we all are. Hoping we can come together to work for the good of all ?❤️