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25 Cool Ways to Use Washi Tape

There are so many different ways to use washi tape! The possibilities are abundant and if you’re a paper crafter like me, I’m sure you have more than one roll of washi. It comes in different textures, colors and sizes and is so much fun! For the most part, it’s can be inexpensive too. I wanted to share with you 25 favorite ways to use washi tape.  I’ve included a couple of my own photos as well as some links from others where you can complete your own diy washi projects. Enjoy. I’d love to know if you try any of these. 

25 Favorite Ways to Use Washi Tape

  1. Jazz up your pencils or pens. Wrap washi tape around pencils or pens to give plain #2’s some pizazz.
  2. Wrap around tea lights/candles or votives as see HERE
  3. Use washi to create index tabs in an art journal or notebook.
  4. Use washi to create a book mark. Check out a simple book mark HERE and another one HERE. Use them in your favorite read or give as a gift. 
  5. Decorate plastic ware on a picnic or outing. 
  6. Adhere to clothes pins for a cute chip clip or to use elsewhere. 
  7. Washi tape make the most darling cupcake toppers as seen HERE
  8. Use on cards, art journals and planners. Can find some uses HERE and HERE
  9. Use washi tape to decorate lamp and appliance cords or to label them. Great functional use as HERE  
  10. Decorate keys with fun washi tape. Check it out HERE
  11. Use washi tape deck out a notebook or folder. 
  12. Cover an Altoid tin with washi tape to store goods or use as a gift card holder. More HERE.
  13. Make a cool pair of DIY washi tape earrings as seen HERE
  14. Deck out your fingernails by using washi tape. HERE is a great example of washi tape nail art. This is a great little girl party idea. Great idea too to wrap washi around make up or hair brushes for a fresh look. 
  15. Wrap washi tape around a plain headband. Plain plastic headbands can usually be found at craft stores. This is a great idea for a little girl’s party craft. 
  16. Wrap washi around a hanger to spruce up your closet. 
  17. Repurpose a bracelet or use a wooden bracelet and wrap around it
  18. Beatify a plain cake plate with washi like THIS ONE.  
  19. Decorate a card or envelope. HERE are some examples. 
  20. How about washi on gifts or gift tags? Check it out HERE
  21. Great rainy day idea; draw out a hopscotch sketch with washi tape on a tile floor.
  22. Fall is coming . . . spruce up your pumpkins with washi tape. Check out these fabulous ideas. HERE and HERE.  
  23. Decorate some cans to use for art or office storage. Upcycle cans are the cutest as seen HERE
  24. Upgrade and decorate a plain bandaid with washi tape. 
  25. Use washi tape on decor items. For example, wrap tape around pots, a light switch plate or create a design on your wall. It’s easy to remove and change as well. 

Warmest Creative Wishes,

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  • Marianne B in AZ

    I love all of your fun ideas, Cheryl! The washi you have is so much prettier than what I have managed to find when I was looking for it. Funny thing is, I remember when I first started seeing and hearing about it and I went to or called every paper crafting store in Phoenix. Not one person even knew what I was trying to find! That has certainly changed!

    • artsychick

      Hi Marianne,

      Yes, I’ve been a washi tape lover for a long time too. It’s so great to use for so many things. Glad you can finally find some friend!! One day, I’d like to get back to Phoenix and visit you. Happy crafting.