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Handling Stress During the Holidays – Some Helpful Hints

Would you agree that for most of us this season is meaningful and evokes warmth.  However, for some this season brings loneliness, sadness because of loss, AND stress.

I was among the crowds this week and it was a bit on the crazy side.  The busyness has begun.  For some, it’s almost like a race.

With this season brings stress. Some ways that I’ve learned to deal with stress is by the following.  I hope you’ll take a moment to read and practice these.  It just might allow you to be healthier you and have a happier season.

  • Stop and take some deep breaths.  Yes, sounds simple but during the hustle bustle we don’t take the time.  Standing or sitting, put your hands out like you’re catching the rain.  Then close your eyes, inhale slowing from your stomach (not your chest) slowing lift your hands as if you’re lifting clouds until you get to about the height of you shoulders.  Turn your hands down and slowly exhale as if you’re pushing the clouds down.  Then put hands out once again in front of you this time inhaling from your chest and bring your hands in.  Then exhale as you push your hands out.  Repeat as necessary.
  • Take a moment for you.  There is so much to be done but you need to take care of you.  I encourage you to take a hot bath, read a book, enjoy a cup of tea, watch a holiday movie as laughter is a good stress reliever. EVen take a slight detour and look at Christmas lights. These things will help you relax and not break the bank.
  • Create something – it’s proven to reduce stress.  Paint a picture, make a card, create a decor piece.
  • Take a walk – yes, get some fresh air and take a walk.  Don’t cut out that exercise during this busy time.  Exercise creates endorphines that improves mood and body, reduces stress and also helps you sleep better.
  • Healthy choices – Sweets are so readily available during the season and while on the go with the holiday hustle, make some good choices in what you put in your body.  Healthy foods rich in vitamins and vegies will help you on the go and avoid sugar crashes.  Don’t forget breakfast – very important to get your day started.
  • Enjoy the season, take some shortcuts – We all want to go the extra mile and make it homemade.  However, if you’re finding you’re short on time and stretched, purchase plain sugar cookies and frost them. I won’t tell they were backed by the grocery store.
  • Turn up those tunes – enjoy the Christmas music.  Music is known to relieve stress.  Sing to your hearts content.
  • Unplug – We already have so much stimuli coming in with cell phones, email, etc.  When with friends, family or at bed time . . . unplug.  Take the time to rest and enjoy.  You don’t have to be on 24/7 unless something is really pressing.  Relish the time!

These are some things that I have to put on the forefront and that assist me.  I hope they are helpful to you.  Pick a favorite and even if you practice one . . . that’s a step in the right directions.

any other tips you might add?

Warmest holiday wishes!


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